Friday, 2 April 2010

2010 So Far

Well, with Christmas behind me and having been truly bitten by the craft bug, I decided to continue making stuff and see what new skills I could learn.

I have to say the jury is still out on whether I will ever be able to crochet something - but I really, really want to get the hang of this.  I could make some wonderful things ... if only I could figure the darn thing out.  The air has been rather blue with the swearing, but I will persevere!

So, I started just making bags for the hell of it - you never know, I may get to a craft fair one day and actually sell some of this stuff; in the meantime it's just for my entertainment.

On the bag front I have made a couple more presents:

This City Bag and purse were for my Mother-in-Law's birthday.

And this small bag will soon be making its way to Germany for the soon-to-be teenage daughter of a very good friend of mine. This is made with the Evening Bag pattern.

And then I experimented with some new patterns ... all of these bags are just sitting in my cupboard waiting for a birthday or maybe a buyer!!


 Made with the Squared Flat Bag pattern and some fabric I brought back from the States last year.  

Made with a fabric called Calliope bought from a Toronto-based company.
Very summery!

A 20cm wide purse in a gorgeous japanese cotton print.

And a very bright raspberry denim Baguette Bag:  

So, as you can see, I've been busy!!


  1. I really like the pattern for the raspberry bag, with the flap that runs the full length of the bag. Is that one from your know who? Love all the different fabrics... I've put up a blog post about my latest book.

  2. Fiona, your fabric choices are just gorgeous.

    Love your work :)

  3. Fiona, they are ALL gorgeous!!! I think my favourite on this page, is the Evening Bag. I, too, like black and white. Did you end up selling your bags? I'm sure you would sell them easily.

  4. Hi Fiona, I've featured your Evening bag today...