Friday, 9 April 2010

I still make bags though ....!

I'm a bit like a kid in a candy store at the moment - bags, jewellery, kumihimo (of which more in a later post), crochet (albeit really badly!), possibly a new knitting project or making some more clothes for me.  I just keep finding new things I could be trying.  It's all fun, but maybe not very focused.

Do I care?  Not one jot - it's FUN!!!

That said, I have found time in the last few weeks to go back and make some more bags.  These are bags without a specific purpose - by which I mean I had no birthday in mind when I made them; they're just bags I made because I wanted to try the pattern and I have a little bit of fabric (okay, okay - a large drawer full of fabric) to use somehow.

You never know, I might one day actually sell a few of them, but in the meantime the cupboard in my spare room is quietly filling up with bags (and a few ties too).  But let's not overreach ourselves - it's just a little addiction hobby and it keeps me out of mischief.

As ever, I got the pattern all the way from sunny Melbourne.  It may seem mad shipping a pattern or two and some purse hardware half way round the world, but believe you me, it's well worth it.  Take the O-rings on the second of these bags, for example - compared to anything I can get in North America, these are just fabulous.  I'd have to actually take a photo of one next to a North American O-ring to prove it to you .. and, as I don't have any of the inferior species, you're simply going to have to take my word for it!

Introducing the Day Bag:

It's just possible that I like this pattern so much because it's very, very easy to make (I'm really quite lazy) - but let's pretend instead that it's because it's almost exactly the dimensions of my much loved Mulberry handbag.... which means it's perfect for almost all occasions.  

I just need to find owners for them now.  But that's another project in itself!!


  1. ooh, ooh, ooh, well if you're asking for volunteers... I like that bag very much! Now that I'm cured of my addiction to rucksacks lovely bags are very desirable - I told M he'd regret it!

  2. Oh that navy bubble bag is awesome! I have some O rings like that but haven't been able to bring myself to using them.

  3. I hope you find owners for the bags, they're lovely!

    Glad you love the rings, too...

  4. Aren't Nikki's patterns just fab? I really love the day bag - so many variations to choose from!