Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Some Other Recent Projects

When I was looking back at some of my recent projects on starting this blog last month, I focused on things I made for Christmas presents.  That was my main reason for getting the sewing machine out again, after all.  Truth to tell though, I've made a few other things (mainly for me) and maybe now is a good time to show them to you.

Definitely the most tricky was this hat:

I have to say I regretted my choice of main fabric fairly quickly ... it was very unforgiving and showed every mistake.  That said, I learned a lot and I'll be making this hat pattern again in a summer fabric and with a wider brim soon.  I'm also very tempted to order the fedora pattern too.  

I had some fabric left over, so I made a clutch bag to go with the hat:

And I have some off-cuts of both the main and lining fabrics left over, sitting on the dining table (my work space) right now, while I contemplate what to do with them (I've got a few ideas - watch this space!).  I love that Japanese fabric with the hexagons - so pretty and such a shame it was the end of the bolt so I couldn't buy any more.

More left-overs from a Christmas project were used to make another clutch bag in the same style: 

This was used extensively on a recent holiday to Cuba.  It's a great size bag for some money, keys and a cell phone!  OK, the patterns don't match up properly, but I was quite pleased with this one and I use it a lot.

I get really stuck when it comes to the men in my life.  What can I make for them?  I made A a tie, but he rarely wears them for work so, while he likes it, it hasn't been worn yet.  What else can I make for him?  Handbags are out ... jewellery too for the most part (and I haven't learned how to make cuff links yet - but then, he doesn't wear those much either!).  He has covers and cases for his gadgets already ... what's left?  Answers on a postcard please .....

I've made a few of these ties in this great fabric from Patty Young's Flora and Fauna range:

Everyone said that ties were impossibly hard to make, but I really haven't had a problem.  They're just a wee bit boring - it's all that hand-stiching up the back of the tie that is a complete yawn ... but it really  isn't difficult.

I've just picked up my knitting needles again for a change of pace ... more of which next time.


  1. Have you thought of a quilt with all these off-cuts? I can see you doing a fiendishly tricky pattern just for the hell of it! I'm not talking hand-stitched, by the way!

  2. That hat is amazing, I really like it. I love hats but there must be something wrong with my head because what looks great on other people looks.. just wrong on me. So far two lovely crocheted hats that I made have gone to daughter. I think she must have her dad's head because he looks good in hats too. How about making a manly version of your hat?

  3. SCB - not sure that quilting is very me. Put it this way - it's never appealed to me and looks way too time-consuming! I'm more of a quick results addict!

    Buy Design - I'll have to ask him if he'd like a hat. Thanks for the idea. The thought of being able to crochet one leaves me quaking - my crocheting really isn't going that well.

  4. Love, love, love your hat, Fiona!!! That would be a perfect cool weather hat for over here. Love the colours and the matching band and trim. The bag is a great match...