Tuesday, 13 April 2010

What was I making in 1982?

If you had asked me what I was making in the '80's (other than that dress!), I would have said I was probably knitting something.  It's about all I remember making at any rate (we'll gloss over those grey dungarees, if you don't mind - after all, it was the '80's!).

And then last night I went rummaging in a box in the back of the closet looking for something else completely and found this:

OK - it's a little crumpled and the fabric has browned in places with age / dirt / heaven knows what, but this was my Home Economics project in 1982.  I think we had to do some cross stitch and I decided against the usual specs case or whatever the rest of the class ended up making and I started my own sampler.  (I had to be different - still do!).  I vaguely remember looking in some history books and discovering blackwork .. and then I probably copied most of the design (not being creative, you see).

Didn't turn out too bad though.

Well, after that short trip down memory lane, this sampler is going to be wrapped back up and re-deposited in the box in the closet probably to be found again in another 28 years (yikes)!!

This is the only embroidery I have ever done.  

I must not have enjoyed it all that much!!


  1. You might want to hand wash it first, then wrap it in acid free tissue if you'd like to preserve it! I remember that: it hung in the stair well in Bognor for many years. And you didn't copy it, you looked through a load of Mum's embroidery books and brought together a few ideas, so there - more creative than you thought!

  2. Don't hide it away. That would be an awful shame. Get it cleaned and framed and give it pride of place.
    Don't mean to sound bossy but am currently in shock. Don't really know how I got to your blog. I've been clicking back and forward from blogs to comments and back again and there you were. I thought for a minute I had written a blog in my sleep or something when I found Handmade by Fiona. I'm Fiona, forty something, crafter, knitter, just learned to crochet and make jewellery. oooooh spooky.

  3. Hi Fiona ... you'll be surprised to know that I've been reading your blog for about a month too! The coincidences are indeed spooky!