Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Making Things for Me

Last week wasn't a very satisfying week.

  • I didn't made any jewellery.
  • Or progress with my crochet (still a disaster)
  • The sweater I started was frogged twice ... before I gave up and decided to try a different pattern instead.  Oh well.
  • The bag that I was making to take on holiday in a week's time was on the cutting table for a week, half-finished because my sewing machine was having hiccups and needed some maintenance.
  • And the summer top that I ran up last Monday didn't fit well.

It wasn't a good week.

However over the weekend a few things started to come together and most of these things have now been resolved.  I'm happy to say that I'm half way up the back of a different sweater pattern - I went for a nice easy one that I could knit almost without thinking while watching TV; the bag is finished as is a small jewellery travel bag and the top has been adjusted with the addition of some elastic.

So, here are some of the things I've made:

The bag is exactly the same pattern as the last two I made: the Day Bag with the addition of a zippered gusset at the top instead of a magnetic snap - I'll be carrying my passport around in here, so I wanted it to be very secure - and purse feet.  I also put a small swivel hook on a ribbon inside for my keys and there are two internal pockets - one with a zip.

I just love this fabric!


   The zip.  Not very exciting, I realise!      And you can just about see the purse feet despite the pattern!

A couple of weeks ago I found a great tutorial on Purl Bee's website for little jewellery bags for use when travelling.  I had some spare material left over from making my hat and I decided to give it ago.  This is when i found out that sewing free hand circles isn't my forte!!  The bag is quite cute and has little pockets inside so that you can separate out your earrings and necklaces.  Next time I'll trace out the circles first on the fabric!

And finally, that top!  I've never sewn jersey-type material before and my machine really didn't like it (hence the need for some maintenance).  I've never seen so much lint from just a few seams!  The pattern is from a Canadian company, Jalie and comes in several versions - a sleeveless top, the same again with long sleeves and a version with a zip neck - so this can be made up in light weight jerseys and heavier fleece materials for winter (always good - especially in this climate!).  I found it really easy to make once I got my head round the instructions ... but the sizing was off for me and it ended up being too baggy.  I can imagine that for a fleece version where you want to wear something underneath, this wouldn't be so much of a problem - but I couldn't wear it as it was and needed to either unpick it and sort it out properly (not the side seams unfortunately - I'd have ended up doing something to the back) or resort to a touch of elastic.  

I voted for the quicker option and voila:

Maybe not the best photo, but you get the general idea. I think I would prefer it with sleeves and I will make that version before we get round to another winter.  It is very comfortable and cool to wear which was great with this weekend's heat and humidity!

And there you have it. 

Now, I just need to finish up a few odd projects that are lying around before we go away on Sunday and I'll be very happy!


  1. Well 'caught up' over the weekend. I would call this very productive. Good luck with the jumper. I only knit big things now if they are of chunky wool and big needles as I get bored and impatient to wear my creations. Now, if only there were babies to knit for.. My son was the original handknitted baby. So cute and woolly.