Saturday, 22 May 2010


You may have noticed that it's been a little bit quiet on this blog for a few weeks.  We've been on holiday - so nothing has been sewn, or knitted, or made into jewellery.  The only thing I have been doing is taking rather too many photos (over 30GB so far!)!

I'm rather attached to my camera and it has had a great workout over the last 2 weeks in the Canadian Rockies / Vancouver.  The scenery has been (to use a much overused Canadian term) awesome and the wildlife even better.

Hop over to my other blog to see some photos: (the last 4 posts contain a selection of my holiday snaps).

Meanwhile I'll leave you with one of my favourites:

This little hummingbird was our dinner / breakfast companion in Revelstoke.  He's a real cutie and I'm going home to buy a hummingbird feeder for our patio!

So we fly home tomorrow a little bit tanned and very relaxed to wall-to-wall sunshine (after 4 very changeable days in Vancouver) in Toronto, a border collie who will be beside herself to see us again and a mountain of washing.  At least it's a bank holiday weekend, so we can catch up with all the necessities before diving back into normality on Tuesday


  1. That is seriously the coolest photo I've seen in a while! Do you get hummingbirds where you are?

  2. I've seen them further north in one of the National Parks, but I'm told they also nest around here ... I just don't know anyone with a feeder. They are fascinating creatures ... heaven knows how they manage to migrate as far as Mexico each year. I think this is a Rufous hummingbird - one of the most common types throughout North America.