Saturday, 5 June 2010

First Sweater in 20 Years!

I eased back into knitting with a scarf or two earlier this year and then decided it was time to try something a little larger.  Whilst I really wanted to do a very lacy, short-sleeved summer sweater, I got fed up with the complex pattern half way up the back - it required way too much concentration for someone who likes to multi-task  - knitting plus chatting / knitting plus watching TV - you get the idea.

So the lacy knitting was frogged and I found a simpler design.  This was really very, very easy and knitted up quickly over the course of about 10 evenings watching TV.

OK - it's very plain and a little boring, but I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of it when the cooler weather finally comes this autumn.  

For the moment wearing as little as decently possible is the order of the day ... !

My next project will be my first real crochet project using kootoyoo's Granny Shrug pattern ... I'll be taking some yarn with me on my trip next week and hope to manage this without too many problems (and if not, I can always change my mind and start over!).  


  1. Oooo - that's lovely Fiona! I love the colour.

  2. Nice jumper. Now I'm looking forward to seeing your granny shrug.
    Enjoy your trip.

  3. Nice colour! Looks lovely on you. I find it funny that we just can't wear the same things... that colour would kill me stone dead and ditto the shape - not flattering on me at all. But on you it looks great!

  4. SCB - I would never have worn this colour until I had my colours done back in 2006 .. and actually this isn't really the right shade of turquoise for me but get away with it. Apparently I should embrace pillar box red, yellow (ughh - memories of our old school summer dresses), lime green and bright turquoise and brown / cream are my neutrals. Didn't have anything in my wardrobe that was right apart from a little bit of orange. Anyway - it's amazing what a difference getting your colours right makes! As to shape ... I can get away with this as I have no bust. Genetics are odd - you got all that!!!