Monday, 19 July 2010

Cracking Crochet & Other Things

Dare I say it .....?

I'm actually starting to enjoy crochet!!

So, I made the scarf - I cast on along the length of the scarf and then did a couple of rows of half-double followed by one of double crochet (I think that's half-treble and treble in British crochet lingo) repeated three times.  Hardly rocket science - but a huge step forward for me!!

This is going to be a Christmas present for someone who (luckily) doesn't read my blog.  And I may just make myself one with the remainder of this lovely silk-based yarn in case I can't let this one go easily.

What to crochet next? - I think I've got the bug!!

The only other thing I've made this week is another Day Bag for one of my customers - this time (thankfully) in a different fabric:

This next week I have some new patterns to test out  - always fun!  And I had a fabric delivery - some gorgeous Japanese prints, some of which are destined for Christmas presents, so you may not see them here for a while.


  1. Lucky scarf receipient! That's a luscious colour, Fiona. And I love the print you've used on that day bag. Nice! I've ordered some Japanese fabric too .... very excited!!

  2. Yep - I'm loving crochet at the moment. Love your Day Bag, too!