Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A Domestic Goddess Moment

Every so often I get grabbed by a strong urge to make something in the kitchen.

It's a worry!

I'm not the most talented cook, but I've always loved baking - that was until my celiac diagnosis five years ago and my egg allergy completely spoilt some of my favourite meals (eggs benedict, anyone?) and rendered cake and bread-making an exercise in frustration rather than delight.

Sometimes though, an afternoon in the kitchen is just what I need.  Forget the fact that it's 36 degrees (yes, positive!) and still climbing outside and the aircon is struggling to keep the house even vaguely habitable; forget also the fact that I have more bag orders than I know what to do with - this afternoon I decided to slave over a hot stove.

I must be nuts, right?!

Or not:

Home-made lemon curd.  Yum!

Just before I left for Germany I discovered a source of duck eggs and tried one, not really sure if I'd be OK or not.  As luck would have it, not only did I not react to it, but it tasted wonderful - much richer than a hen's egg.

Since then I've been mulling over things I need to try out with duck eggs.  Eggs Benedict is high on the list (with a gluten-free muffin) closely followed by meringue, but I kept coming back to lemon curd.  So this afternoon I consulted my culinary goddesses, Delia and Nigella, and concocted not very scientifically a recipe for lemon curd using duck eggs (they're huge - makes it all guesswork!).  I've added the recipe to Tasty Kitchen if anyone wants to know how to make it.

Just waiting now for the official lemon curd taster to get home from work!  But I can confirm that when I scraped out the bowl (I wouldn't want to be accused of being wasteful!), it tasted pretty good!


  1. Do you know - in all my years in the UK, I have never tasted Lemon Curd! What was the Chief taster's verdict?

  2. Ady ... I think you need to rectify that omission immediately!! It's delicious - especially in tarts, on toast, on scones. You need to make some (or buy it if you really must!) - it's so easy to do.. If you like tangy, citrusy flavours, lemon curd is heaven! You can guess what was on my breakfast toast this morning!! And Andy liked it too.

  3. Ady! You never had Lemon Curd, I can remember making it (or at least watching and tasting) since before I went to school! I have to say it seems to work well with rich eggs, this was some of the best I tasted (once she let me get to the jar).

    Never pick a fight when she has a knife and 'that look'!