Monday, 12 July 2010

Last Week's Work and the Week Ahead

It doesn't look like much for a week's work, does it?  I did do some other things - you know all the usual household stuff, shopping and some voluntary work - but it does take a lot of time to make each item.  Well - it does for me!  

I had thought at the beginning of last week that my production line approach was going to speed things up a bit, but honestly it just seems to take the same amount of time in the long run, so this week I'm going to be slightly less ambitious and just cut out a couple of things at once.  I'm also waiting for some fabric and purse frames for some of my orders to arrive in the mail, so there's less pressure to get sewing this week.

Time to drool over my fabric stash (well - a fraction thereof at any rate):


I'm keen to make something in that lovely doggy fabric .. but I'm waiting for a new pattern to arrive for that one.  One order I can make up this week is a Day Bag in the blue and white swirly fabric and then I'll be diving into some of this fabric to make some secret projects (yep - Christmas present time again!)


  1. Wow that's a lot of stuff made in just a week!

  2. Well done Fiona!
    OMG - loving the fabric stash ... esp that 2nd one from the right (red one). Can't wait to see what you will be making from that.

  3. I love that doggy fabric too. I have a sheep bag which gets lots of comments when I'm out and about but there's always room for another bag..

  4. Mmm, I'm looking at the discreet grey fabric with the white circle pattern of small leaves, fourth from the right... Very nice! I'm still not entirely sure about purses with frames; I much prefer the clutch with the wrist strap idea and I'm still thinking about trying to make some myself (yeah, well, when I have somewhere in which to make them!)

  5. lol I have just "discovered" fabrics - let the obsession begin!! Love your stash! :-)