Friday, 23 July 2010

New Bag Pattern (well, for me!)

What a week!

On Tuesday I got my new specs and suddenly the world is back in focus!  It does make such a difference - I can thread the sewing machine needle quickly and complex patterns suddenly seem much easier!

So, I thought I'd tackle a new pattern.  It's a difficult one from my favourite bag designer, Nicole Mallalieu.

What do you think?

The weather is dark and stormy today, so getting a decent photo has been impossible.  I moved it right up to the window to try and get as much light as possible on the bag and I tried with flash but that really didn't look good!

New photo - gives a better idea of the bag shape.

Anyway, this is a large bag by my standards and is heading to a customer in Brazil on Sunday.  Hope she likes it!  I'm just going to have to find some fabric and make myself one when I've got some time.

I've also got some knitting on the go and some secret squirrel projects underway (well, Christmas is only 5 months off now!), so I've been really busy here.

What are you making this week?


  1. That's a really lovely bag, Fiona. I love the shape and the print is shown off very nicely. Well done!

  2. Guess what? I'm making a bag. Not quite as gorgeous as your doggy bag but it is my first one. And it's crocheted (big surprise!!!)