Friday, 30 July 2010

Nikki's Review Round Up Competition

At the end of June, Nicole Mallalieu - my favourite bag pattern designer - decided to hold a competition and I'm taking part!

Having made quite a few of her bag patterns over the last year (OK - virtually all the bags I've made have been her designs!), I decided I was in a good position to write some reviews of those patterns which is what the competition is all about.

All entries are now in and now it's time to vote...  if you like my bags, why not hop on over to Nikki's blog and vote.  I've got quite a few entries in there - the voting buttons are on the right hand side in grey and at the bottom of the blog post is a list with links to all the reviews / photos.  You only get one vote for the review / bag you like best.  Please note there is one entry from another Fiona - number 6: Fiona (WF) is NOT me - just to confuse things.

Of course, you're free to vote for someone else or not at all - I'll never know!!

My entries are listed below with links to older blog posts containing photos of the bags:

No. 2 - 150mm purse frame kit
No. 4 - 75mm purse frame kit  - the little coin purse in the main photo
No. 5 - Adult Hat
No. 8 - Baguette Bag
No. 9 - Chunky purse frame kit
No. 10 - City bag
No. 11 - Clutch bag
No. 13 - Day Bag
No. 19. - Mod Bag
No. 20 - Party purse
No. 24 - Squared flat bag

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  1. Best of luck in the compewtition! I really appreciate all the reviews you've written!!