Saturday, 7 August 2010


Finally I have a granny shrug to show you.....

OK - so it's maybe not the most flattering photo, but you get the general idea.

Now for some confessions:

-  I loved crocheting this but, as a crochet Newbie (it's my second project and the first was just a scarf!), the first time I started this shrug I didn't get the pattern right by any stretch of the imagination - luckily there is no photographic evidence!  I frogged it all and, second time round, ignored the detailed instructions and just looked at the bit which told me what I should have at the end of each round!  That seemed to work!  

-  This was meant to be a shrug for my niece in Australia but, despite lot of very careful measuring during crocheting, I seem to have a shrug that's my size instead.  Ermmmmm ... not sure how that happened, but on my lap it was the right size (honest!); all put together it's a totally different story.  I'm truly sorry - guess this one's for me, even if it isn't a colour I'd normally wear.  Back to the drawing board for that particular birthday present - oh well!

- My tummy isn't normally that flat - I was sucking it in like crazy!!!!!

Now, what else can I crochet?  I seem to have the bug?!


  1. Funny but my first thought was - "Holy cow! Check out her abs! I wish my tum was that flat!" No matter how much I suck my tum in, it will always look like hobbits live in there.

    This shrug is awesome, Fiona!! I need to learn how to crochet beyond single stitches and learn how to make this.

  2. Looks great but yes, slightly smaller for you-know-who! Shame about the colour because the shape suits you. S x

  3. Woo hoo !!! Looks good. I can recommend crochet cup cakes. I've made loads of them.
    Fiona x