Thursday, 12 August 2010

My Creative Space

I've gone from hating crochet, to loving it.  

So much so that instead of working on the 3 sewing projects cut out on my work table and the knitting project I started on Monday and really need to finish this week, I'm sitting here crocheting a market bag (base above!).

Oh dear!

And I totally blame Kirsty for my second diversion ... I loved the idea of her crocheted cuff so much, I've been spending time online watching video tutorials for broomstick lace.  I found a large-ish knitting needle and made this swatch ....

Just love the pattern that it makes and I now have a broomstick lace cardigan pattern on my wishlist (and larger diameter knitting needles!).  I may need to practice a bit more before I dive headlong into that project - and finish all the outstanding orders and Christmas presents on my list.

I'm going to have to stop being diverted (OK - procrastinating, if you must have the truth!) and get back to some real work!


  1. I hear you, crochet is my new addiction too. I love the colour of your broomstick crochet too, the swatch is looking good.

  2. Never mind your wishlist! Or rather, all speed to your wishlist because I want one of those jackets!!! OK, I accept I may have to learn to crochet properly and do it myself... if only because I'm intrigued about the fact that it's done on knitting needles..?

  3. This is fabulous! Great to see someone who acted on the broomstick lace inspiration! Most of us just thought about it!

  4. I flirted with crochet but haven't gotten serious yet. I love your work, it's so neat and even.

  5. I am completely flummoxed by the broomstick lace tutes ... another one for the 'when I have more time' list. Yours looks fab! Is it stretchy? I want a cuff like Kirsty's! Oooo - I also noticed your double-ended hook. Are those ones with the fat jelly middles good to use?

  6. oh yes, i put my hand up to a crochet addiction too (only because knitting and me really don't get along!) - your crocheting looks great ;-)

  7. I just can't get distracted by another tutorial. Have deliberately not followed the links on broomstick crochet but it looks soo tempting. Glad you are enjoying your crochet now.
    By the way. What is Nova Scotia weather like in July? We might be visiting next year.

  8. loving your woollyness :)) i am also addicted to crochet now!!! x