Thursday, 26 August 2010

My Creative Space

Lots going on this week:

I started turning my To Do list into a To Do pile.  Hoping this will galvanise me into action.

Watch this space!

Still lots more waiting to be cut out though!

And I'm trying oh so hard not to be diverted by new parcels arriving in the post, but this fabric is just too cute to resist!  I got the last of the bolt - so only a scant 3/4 of a yard to play with and I'm still undecided what to make with it.  

Any ideas?

And there's some crochet on the go at the moment too - a scarf using Buy Design's tutorial (thanks Fiona!) and some scrummy Japanese yarn (a cotton / silk mix).  However,  I'm seriously considering frogging this and restarting with fewer stitches to make a narrower scarf ... of course, I waited till I was a good way through the skein before deciding that it's too wide.  Doh!

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  1. Oooo - that doggy fabric is lovely! And that's a lot of pouches in your To Do pile. Can't wait to see the finished projects!

  2. Oh yeah - a to do pile is such a big step, hopefully very seen it will be a done pile!

  3. Ah, new supplies are hard to resist! I have a "to do" list of new ideas or projects and I try to finish one everyday, but it´s hard...

  4. Oooh i love that dog fabric! Looking forward to seing what you do with it.

  5. Love that doggie fabric, can't wait to see your bag

  6. wow, you are one busy lady! i always have the same problem with making scarves - they always turn out wider than what i want :P

  7. Love the colour of your scarf, looks very pretty with the pattern

  8. My daughter would just love that dog fabric. Looking forward to seeing the bag.
    Can I ask where you got your labels from.. I can't quite read the name at the top of the package.. Thanks

  9. Oooh nice scarf. Would you like another tutorial next week? It seems we are all a bit distracted this week. From To Do lists, To Do piles, tidying shelfs...
    I'm sure you will make something super when you get going.
    Fiona x

  10. Fiona - tutorials (crochet, knitting or otherwise!) are always welcome!