Monday, 23 August 2010

Pencil Case Experiment

I need some help, please!

As someone without kids, but who buys presents for lots of them (godchildren, nieces, nephews, friends' kids etc...), I'm trying to come up with an easy-to-make pencil case. 

I have looked at some other tutorials online and tried a few and not really fallen in love with any of them.  So, I went back to my trusted pattern for a zipped coin purse (courtesy of Nicole Mallalieu - but you guessed that, didn't you?) and tweaked the dimensions again.  

I just can't make up my mind if I've got it right though.

The purse above is possibly more of a make-up bag size again rather than a pencil case.   I opted for 20cm wide by 12 cm tall (plus seam allowances) and it more than easily accommodates the 30 pencils I threw in with room for loads of pens, erasers and pencil sharpeners.  I haven't measured the depth but it must be about 4cm deep at the base.

The width seems about right, but is it too tall?  

And do you think it would appeal to a girl in the 9-10 age range?  This fabric is super cute - at least I think so - but I'm not sure what's cool or not these days!!  


  1. That is a lovely little pouch, Fiona - and such super cute fabric too.

  2. I think the fabric's cute (and suitable) but it's too tall! Andy

  3. I would think it's a bit too tall. An invitation to fill it with stuff that shouldn't be going into a pencil case. You'd be amazed at what mine used to hide in their pencil cases.(mars bars and pencil shavings are not a good combination)
    The fabric is lovely. One of my girls loved pink, purple and anything girly when she was 10. The other one favoured camouflage and vampires. So there is no easy answer as to what 10yr old girl likes.
    Fiona x

  4. Thanks for the feedback - the concensus seems to be that it's too tall and the thought of melting choc bars and pencil shavings doesn't do anything for me (or the lovely lining which I did make mainly black to hide being drawn all over when tops are left off pens etc..).

    Take Two will probably be 9cm tall (after squishing and folding this one to see what that would look like).

    I think I can safely say that none of the girls in my acquaintance like camouflage and vampires ... yet! But I do have a great skull and cross bones fabric and some japanese super heroes for the boy!

  5. I know this is an old post, but (as an ex teacher), most of the kids out here do have pencil cases this tall and taller. Perhaps you wouldn't want to see the inside state of some of them, but messy kids make a mess of smaller pencil cases, too. The tidy kids manage to fill theirs with pencils, textas, scissors, glue sticks, etc. So, to me, that looks a good size and shape.