Thursday, 23 September 2010

More Finished Objects!

Here is the finished panel bag that I started on last week:

It's really not my style (I prefer a smaller bag with a zipped closure), but I think it's turned out quite nicely.  I'm sure it won't stay in my stockpile for too long! 

And this is a quick present for a friend's birthday later this year:

I love the grey and red combination (it's lined in red too) - very similar to another one I made in a slightly different shape a few months back.

Things have been going slowly as I'm having a few problems with nerve pain in my right arm - so, no crocheting or knitting at the moment - and then yesterday I saw fit (don't ask me why - no, really, don't!) to slam the patio door shut on my right thumb.  The air was blue round here for a while!

Accidents and injured arm allowing, I'm hoping to cut out a bag for me tomorrow!!  We'll see!


  1. Hmm.. exactly how many bags do you now have, Fiona? I'm just wondering... And just in case my husband is reading this I'll divulge my secrets too: one large red leather bucket bag, one small red leather handbag, one small black leather handbag with dandelions stitched on the outside, one black leather backpack, one smart black leather carry bag big enough for an A4 pad. Oh, and two bathroom bags: a big one for travelling and a small one for the gym. Not that many really!

  2. It is a well-known maxim that a girl can never have too many bags (especially if she makes them for herself when she absolutely requires them for marketing purposes) ... or too many pairs of shoes or boots (note to self: work on that one!).

    I have 3 Mulberry bags (one brown, one black, one red- all presents) and 4 Handmade by Fiona bags (1 bag, 3 clutches).

    Camera bags obviously fall into a completely separate, essential category - I've got at least 3 of those (the Emera Quilted bag for city shoots, the Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home for short hikes and a Lowe hike through the bush with way too much camera gear rucksack).

  3. I'm not even going to join this conversation. I'm not going to admit, even to myself, how many bags I have.
    Hope your thumb is on the mend. I really am dying to ask how and why you did it but as a clumsy kind of person who regularly snags, trips,slips and squashes, it's probably beat that I don't get any new ideas.

  4. ooo I love your bags, the green spotty fabric is fantastic, perfect for spring shopping :-D

  5. That's really, really nice - the bag! - Hope the thumb didn't swell up too big to get through the scissor handle!?!?!?!