Thursday, 9 September 2010

My Creative Space

Thankfully the sewing machine is over its tantrum and is working for the time being, so...

.. the 'To Do' pile is growing again!

.. my work in progress is this chunky 200mm purse frame - nearly finished.

And here's last week's finished project - a Baguette bag using a Nicole Mallalieu pattern.

I've got lots of secret projects underway too - but you'll have to wait until after Christmas to see those!  My deadline is fast approaching as I only have 3 and a half weeks before everything needs to be finished (Santa's delivering early this year!).


There's some crochet on the go too for when I want a change from sewing ... this should have been finished by now, but I kept getting it wrong.  Think I've now just about sorted out how to do the bobble stitch properly and I've found my missing 3-chain spaces (long story!).   

This is the start of a birthday present for my niece:

And it too needs to be in the post sometime in October if she's to see it for an early January birthday (the Australian post office seems to like sitting on my parcels and delivering them just after the intended celebration - I'm determined to beat them this time round!).

That's everything on my work table at the moment.  Take a peek at what everyone else is up to over at Kirsty's blog.


  1. too much talent in this post!!!

    I wish I could be so good at so many different crafts! :)

    I guess I will keep on keeping on!

    :) I hope you niece likes her gift once it is completed!

  2. That baguette purse is lovely! And the frame purse is shaping up beautifully. That's a granny shrug eh? I'm still toiling away on mine.

  3. You are prolific in your crafting! Love both the bags. They are both very nice designs and look very well made : )

  4. I am so in love with the little orange bag! I know in the previous post you said you weren't that happy with it - but I think it is great! (I wish it lived at my house!!!) One would look really good against the crochet ;) mmmmm delicious complementary colours. I think you have done a wonderful job on both. Can't wait to see the crochet when it is finished :)

  5. Thanks everyone - the orange Baguette bag seems to be a hit! Hope my customer thinks so too when she sees it!

    Ady, the crochet isn't the same granny shrug pattern that I made before; it's a free pattern called the Bebop Cardi from the Lion's Brand website. It's worked in rows more like a knitting pattern rather than in the round. Think I prefer doing rounds!

  6. Glad you found your missing chains. As for the Australian postal problem... I posted a parcel in June and it hasn't reached it's destination yet. I was busy blaming my post office but maybe the problem is at the other end. Never thought of that.

  7. Fiona - the Aussie post office is a nightmare. I think they disinfect everything twice and then put it in quarantine for a good long while before they allow it anywhere near those poor delicate Australians! Got to make sure they kill any microbes ... and all hope that the parcel might ever arrive on time. I've posted parcels from both Germany and Canada and always had the same delays.

  8. Love the purses too.Gorgeous colour you've chosen for your Niece's gift!

  9. I love the purses.. I really need to learn how to make them. They always look complicated, but going by your end results its worth it..

  10. Teek - you need to visit Nicole Mallalieu's website. I use her patterns for just about everything and, even if I don't know what I'm doing, her instructions are so unbelievably comprehensive it's like having her looking over your shoulder and helping - she explains everything in detail with illustrations - you just can't go far wrong (if you read everything through!). I only started making bags a year ago and I've progressed through her pattern range from those aimed at complete beginner to the advanced patterns.

  11. Thank you for ur nice comment on my blog! Your baguette bag is lovely :)