Monday, 1 November 2010

Loot from my UK trip!!

I haven't been ignoring you all - just away seeing family and friends in the UK for 3 weeks.  Unbelievably, 3 very sunny weeks - I think we got the best of the weather again!  If you would like to see photos, please hop on over to A's blog ... he's beaten me to it and posted some pics already!

Back in Canada now and steeling myself for winter - which means lots of opportunities for staying in and crafting!!  It's got a lot colder in the last few days although I know it's nothing compared to what's coming.  Zero is almost warm in these parts - I'm the wimp wearing hat and gloves already and marvelling at all those walking around in this cold wind with nothing covering their ears!!

I managed to squeeze a few treats into my suitcase on the return trip along with a load of Christmas presents.  At the top of this post is my new marudai for Kumihimo (japanese braiding) plus a book on the subject. You may remember my earlier posts about kumihimo when I tried to improvise a marudai - this will be so much better! These were a present from my in-laws who just happen to live in the same town as the author of the book, Jacqui Carey.

Then I was lucky enough to get a box full of goodies from my very good friend, Ady of Crafty Ady fame.  She very kindly sent me one of her fold-away shopping bags and a stuffy; Ady is enabling my laziness as I had bookmarked her tutorials and was planning to get round to both of these projects some time (OK - the timeline was a bit vague, but I did have them on my mental list!)

Also in the parcel was this dinky iron - it is so small and perfect for getting into the corners of all those small bags - plus some gorgeous Alexander Henry fabric and loads of purse hardware.  I'll be making myself a purse using one or both of these fabrics - they're wonderful and in some of my favourite colours.

Thank you Ady - very much appreciated and you will be getting a parcel from me when I can find what I've been looking for!

On the final leg of our trip I managed to book a hotel right across the road from Liberty's ... coincidence?   Hmm - maybe not!!  I love Liberty fabric - in my stash I have a large off-cut of peacock feather fabric that I bought from their remnants bin about 10 years ago and still haven't used (it was going to cover a seat cushion .. but either laziness prevailed or I was too busy working!).  This time their remnants bin wasn't in evidence, so I limited myself to a couple of metres of these lovely prints - there really wasn't much space in my case for more:

The photo really doesn't do much for them (the light is going) - in real life they're more vibrant.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with them yet, but I'm sure they will be made into something soon and I'm going to dig the peacock feather material out too and make something fabulous!

Anyway, the holiday is over and I've caught up on the laundry and other jobs, so now I'm free to get the cutting mat and rotary cutter out again and start work!


  1. I am so happy you (a) got the parcel OK; (b) liked the contents of said parcel; and (c) had a fab holiday in the UK. x

  2. Awww look at the wittle iron! (Said in a voice normally reserved for small furry animals) :D

  3. Good to see you back Fiona. Can't wait to see what you make with all your goodies.
    Fiona x