Wednesday, 1 December 2010

My Creative Space

Hmmm .... diversionary knitting! 
(OK, so it's really procrastination)

Maybe you'll get to see some finished stuff soon ... it's not like I don't have lots of things nearly finished, but I just haven't got back to them yet!

To see what everyone else is making this week, take a look at Kirsty's blog.


  1. Well now your knitting has diverted me, from my must-do running out of time urgent sewing, but I can't really blame your lovely knitting for my wanton procrastination, because Kootoyoo Thursdays always end up like this!

  2. great to see knitting - it is 35 degrees C here and there is no wool to go NEAR my lap... actually, nothing is making on my lap at present...

  3. Procrastination is all part of the creative process, is it not :-P ? well, it is for me! Your knitting looks so neat and lovely.

  4. It does look like very creative knitting if I may say garter stitch squares for you! Lovely navy too. Thanks for dropping by earlier, I appreciate your lovely comment.

  5. You are not the only procrastinator. What's this going to be ?
    Since finishing my window I haven't done any knitting. I'm back crocheting hats which are selling pretty well right now. Must be the weather..

  6. Nothing wrong with a diversion, keeps things interesting! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, nice to know who's stopping by!