Monday, 13 December 2010

The Snap and Other Purses

Introducing my new purse, the Snap Bag.

This one's all for me!  It's not the most practical bag size or shape wise.  But I still love it.  

It's completely different.  

No-one else is going to have a bag like it around here.  Now, you may think that's no bad thing ... but keep those thoughts to yourselves please!!  I may have to wait for more clement weather to actually use it ... it doesn't exactly scream take me out in the snow with a michelin man-style down jacket and winter hiking boots, does it?!!! Although it would turn definitely heads with that ensemble!!

This is made with yet another pattern by Nicole Mallalieu Designs and using an Alexander Henry print called Deco Dot.  

I've also finished up a few other purses recently:

Some Liberty fabric put to good use (left)
Off-cuts from my Snap Bag (centre) made into a purse which I think my niece 'down under' might like
Another grey purse with red lining for my mother-in-law complete with purse chain (right)

Otherwise I've been spending the day working out how to do photo collages in Photoshop Elements and other bits and bobs aimed at keeping me warm and indoors.  

Hope the weather is better where you are ... it would be hard for it not to be though!!


  1. Oooo - that is lovely!! Well done on the snap purse - it looks fab!

  2. I've never tried the snap purse before. It looks fabulous in that fabric!

  3. I love the bag - as I may have said before (or at least thought it) it looks just right for knitting needles but I don't think you'd get a big old aran cardy in there! :D

  4. Yep, I think you've got your niece sussed! Hmmm: small purse, lovely colours, cute - a big tick in all categories. Now, what about her mother???! (Only joking!)

  5. Loving the Snap Bag!! I would definately be keeping that one for myself :-D

  6. Definitely not a bag to go with a heavy jacket and boots. Co-ordinated with a smart Summer outfit.... perfect!!! You have such good taste in fabric!!!