Sunday, 5 December 2010

A Woolly Tale

I finally got round to crocheting all the pieces of this sweater together and sewing in all the ends (I just hate that bit).  It's turned out quite well given my lack of crochet experience - more impressively the sizing is right for me, so my gauge must have been spot on.  It's a very snuggly, warm sweater and it's mine!

This is the result of last week's knitting - it's an old-fashioned net bag.  So easy and quick to knit - I'm quite pleased with this one and can see it's a pattern that may well be repeated many times (you can never have too many shopping bags!).

I've also been sewing this week - trying out a new pattern.  If I get round to glueing the frame on, I'll blog about that one in a few days' time.


  1. Well done Fiona your jumper looks great. I hate the sewing in of ends too but I find there are a lot less to sew in when I crochet than when I knit so that's another good thing about crochet.

  2. The jumper's great - can't tell its your first one which is always a good sign! I three hate dealing with the ends! ;D

  3. great sweater! love the colour! that net bag looks super handy too!

  4. Hello Fiona,
    Thank you so much for ur comment..My MONSTER took me exactly 2 months to finish it!
    Ur sweater is beautiful!