Friday, 21 January 2011

Photo Books!

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love photography.  In fact I have another blog where I've posted some of the photos I've taken here in Canada .. but that's veering slightly off-topic.

When we left the UK in 2005 I went through a clearing-out phase and targeted those shoeboxes that everyone has stuffed full of their holiday snaps and other memories from the pre-digital age.  We picked our favourites and stuck them in albums; binned the rest.

Now we have digital cameras, the problem has multiplied quite dramatically.  We have photos stored and backed up on several terrabytes of hard drives.

Loosing my photos just isn't something I'm prepared to contemplate.

And then I discovered photo books!!

Some of these I made last year ... but I've been back tracking through our digital images (clearing up the hard drive on my laptop) and realised we had some other memories that I'd like to have in print form too.

Easier to do here rather than in Germany (OK - so that's an excuse, but it probably is cheaper!).

I used software on my laptop to create the books but there are many websites out there that offer exactly the same service.  Just Google photo books.  It's really simple - you drag and drop your photos into a layout and add whatever text you want. So far they've cost me an average of $30 each, but it varies depending on style, size and any additional pages.

I decided not to stop at holiday snaps, but did some family albums too!  These make (hopefully) the ideal gift - as some of my family are about to discover.

 Double trouble (me and my sister!!)

Now, what else can I do to avoid tackling the "Moving To Do" list?


  1. These are really neat! Something that the entire family can enjoy!

  2. I love photo books. My mum and mum-in-law have had photobooks of the kids as presents. In the UK, Photobox is very good - they're roughly £25 - £30ish and the quality's great. Yours look fab! I like the spiral-bound ones a lot.

  3. Oh Fiona, they are absolutely gorgeous!! What a great coffee table book too. I love them, you have me so inspired!

  4. Hello Fiona! What a lovely books you have made! You have so wonderful photos that it's relly great you have find a way to make them so beautiful books!
    Have a lovely Sunday! Teje

  5. Wow Fiona, what a great discovery! They are lovely and your photos are wonderful! I am sure they will love them :)
    Thank you for your message!

  6. You are a woman on a mission! You have inspired me, it's something I've been umming and aahhing about for a while. Now on the definite list.

  7. I love photography too :-) These books a great way of displaying great shots. Stop by my 365 if you get a chance

  8. That's a wonderful idea...I have loads of digital photos clogging my folders. I will put it on my to do list for winter. Thank you for sharing!