Thursday, 20 January 2011


Sometime last year I decided to buy a book on Japanese temari - they look so pretty and I could imagine making a few in festive colours and using them as Christmas tree ornaments.  

Christmas came and went ... no temari.

It occurred to me recently that this might be a very portable project - ideal for the weeks between moving and getting my sewing machine back ... so I decided to try one.

It looks easy, but it really isn't!

I may have deliberately made the photo blurry so you can't see just had bad it is!  This one could well be destined for the bin, but I haven't quite decided!!  It does look like I'll be needing some other portable projects.

Kirsty is back with My Creative Space over here.  Take a look at what everyone else is making.


  1. Maybe that's why I looked at the book A LOT but never ventured in.

    When I first saw your photo I thought - 'awwww, why no close up shot?' Now I'm thinking 'ahhhhh'. ;D

  2. Hi Fiona! That looks interesting! I'm waiting to see more!
    Have a lovely time with moving! Teje

  3. I have no idea what temari is - will have to go Google it now. Perservere - I'm sure it will be worth it. x

  4. I'm with Ady...never seen one you wrap the wool or thread around something? BTW Miss B and Mr G have both had the flu badly over the past week or two and she lost her voice for 3 days...but had it again today so I got a lovely phone call from her...she loves the snow!

  5. Ady / Carol - temari were originally balls made either as toys or decorations from off-cuts of kimono. Sometimes there is something that rattles inside. Then the ball of silk is wound tightly with yarn and embroidered.