Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Marina Bag

As I can't sew anything for a few more weeks, I thought I'd try my hand at a crochet bag.  

This is slow going - thin yarn that likes to split and a relatively small hook.  The instructions say to crochet tightly too .. not my strong point, but I'm trying to get it right!  The other reason it's slow is because I had some problems reading the pattern, so there's been some unravelling along the way!  I think I've got it all sorted out now and it's slowly taking shape.

It's going to be smaller than I thought - the base is a mere 7 inches across.  It should be larger, but my yarn is quite fine - I think I'd add some stitches to the starting chain next time to scale it up slightly; or I guess I could try thicker yarn!

I quite like it, but it's more child size than an adult's bag, so this may become a present down the line.

Got to finish it first!!


  1. It sure looks good so far. That yarn looks so fine. Lovely colour tho.

  2. Love the intense colour, the pattern looks very interesting..I think it will be a pretty bag when it's finished.

  3. My comment disappeared..I hope you've got it!

  4. You are on to the best bit now. I always find the base is the tricky bit and mine often looks a wee bit wonky along the way. Seven inches isn't that small for a bag. You just have to be a bit selective in what you put in it.

  5. So that's what you were working on when I Skyped you! It looked intriguing. I'm battling on with the shell pattern - think I might switch to a "straight" yarn while I get my head around the instructions and then go back to the irregular stuff once I'm got it right! Thanks for the email. Sara x

  6. It looks good. Love the colour and the design. Thanks for sharing the inspirational photos and drop by me too, soon.