Saturday, 12 March 2011

More Photos of Frankfurt

We've had some lovely spring weather - perfect for wandering around with a camera!  This is the Hauptwache or the main guard post, built in 1730.  This is right at one end of the main shopping street and is now a lovely little cafe.

As you can see - it is now surrounded by modern buildings and there is an underground station below it too.

Zeil is the main shopping street and this new shopping centre was completed in the last few years.  Quite a unique design!  I keep wondering how they clean all that glass .... or maybe they don't!


Paulskirche - one of the first buildings to be rebuilt after the war, this former church and sometime parliament building is now used for exhibitions, concerts and official ceremonies.



Paulsplatz - that tall building houses both Subway and Starbucks!  

It's March and not very warm yet, but the cafe culture is very much alive.  One of many reasons I'm pleased to be back in Europe!

I'm making the most of the city for the short time we're here.  I've found a great house and we'll be moving to a very sleepy little place north of the city in early April.  I'm told our furniture will arrive at the port of Bremerhaven next week - so everything seems to be working out perfectly!


  1. Thank you for more pictures of Germany. They used to prune the elms in Canberra in the same way, they put on so much new growth in spring and by summer are huge and beautiful. I'd love you to take more pictures showing these trees later on. The buildings are beautiful...and I would love to visit those cafes!

  2. What an adventure you are on. Such a beautiful place. And funny you would think about cleaning the windows...I would have wondered the same thing!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Oh Fiona, Frankfurt does look lovely and I would love a bit of cafe culture. This time last year we were drinking coffee and hot cocolate and sampling local delights from the desert trolley in Prague, Vienna and Budapest. This year we are 'enjoying' a late burst of snow in Perthshire and dreaming of spring.
    Fiona x

  4. Self-cleaning glass I reckon. Pilkingtons do a coated glass they claim to be self-cleaning. Lovely town, isn't it?

  5. Frankfurt is a nice, small city - lots of charm. We bombed it extensively during WWII so most of the older buildings are reconstructions.

    I would hesitate to recommend Frankfurt as a tourist destination (although the vineyards of the Rhein are quite close), but if anyone wanted to visit Germany, my top recommendation would be Munich (just not during Oktoberfest - which is actually mostly in September - unless all you want to see is the inside of a beer glass!!).

  6. I'm happy to hear that everything is going well, Fiona! I love to see all those buildings from different 'times'! I was thinking the same about cleaning the glasses. xxx Teje

  7. Okay I'm a bit late in commenting and my comment was already taken - see Ady's comment, except having worked for them it's Pilkington it was forbidden to add an 's' without permission in triplicate. ;D