Thursday, 7 April 2011

My Creative Space ... Eventually

Somewhere in this pile is my sewing machine. No idea where!  We're down to about 20 boxes left to unpack and only in this one room which will become our office/my craft room.  Look at all that space!!  Got to get a new table to work at - no more clearing everything off the dining table when we wanted to eat at it.

I'm also hoping that the partner to the lone blue boot in the photo (on the green box) will make an appearance ... they're my most comfortable winter dog-walking boots and I definitely need to find the right foot!!

Even though we've only got about 20 boxes left, chaos reigns just about everywhere.  The boxes may have been emptied and removed ... that just means piles of stuff on the floor.

The lounge is perhaps the clearest area - just got loads of pictures piled up against the window, a jumble of cables to sort out, a rug to find and to sort out the bookcase.

Can't say enough positive things about our removals team - they cheerfully took apart and re-built (in a storage room) the huge cabinet that the previous tenants had very inconveniently abandoned in the main guest bedroom. And they happily moved things from room to room as I changed my mind about where things should go!!  Boy, did they work hard (and we did too!).  I'm really very happy with progress so far - and today is just our 4th day in the house!

The funniest part of the move was when the cable company came in to set up our internet / phone / TV.  At the end of the job they asked me if I had any questions, so I asked:

Question: What's our new phone number? 

Answer: Plug in a phone and call your mobile.  Then you'll know what the number is.

Seriously!!  And that's exactly what we did.  Sadly there was no customer service questionnaire to complete and they're unlikely to call me in a few days to find out what I thought - they don't know the number!!

For infinitely more creative spaces, take a look at Kirsty's blog.


  1. Hooray! I hope you enjoy the new space.
    Re: phone number - I still don't know my new home number - I forgot to write it down!!! It's unlisted, so I can't even phone my mobile to get it.

  2. Only 4 days? That's pretty impressive. I dread to think how long it's going to take us (we're doing it all ourselves *gulp*)

    Your craft space is going to be fabulous! Being able to work without having to clear down every time is such a luxury. Can't wait to see it all unpacked :)

  3. Blogger just ate my comment.... it said something like woohoo.... happy new creative space!

  4. Someday I'll have my own craft space. For now I'll keep clearing off the dining room table and using my island. Enjoy :)

  5. Well done Fiona with the unpacking. Losing just one boot in a move that big is quite an achievement and it's bound to turn up eventually.
    I still claim my first place in the best house movers stakes. We moved overnight, arrived at 5am on 23rd December and I had the Christmas tree up before dinner time..

  6. Oooo - lovely space! I am very envious. I would love space of my own again - but until we do something about extending the current space we have, that ain't about to happen anytime soon.

  7. Hello Fiona! I hope you find your boot and telephone number! I love your photos because I enjoy that time when putting everything in their places, perhaps changing many times to find the right place! Your sewing room is going to be wonderful! Have a great weekend! Teje

  8. When we moved house I was so totally organised it was awesome! hehe I put detailed shorthand descriptions on every box so there was no doubt where everything was - to me. B ended up walking round with a piece of paper with the outline of his name on it so he could locate his stuff and was no help with anything else - DOH!