Friday, 20 May 2011

In My Garden

I can't take any credit for these flowers ....

... as we've just moved in and these have been here for years and years.

Our garden is a riot of colour with various rhododendrons by the front door.

These roses look promising too.

Not looking forward to all that pruning in the autumn though!!

And these poppies are flowering near lounge window.

Have to admit; they're my favourites!

Summer is definitely on the way!!


  1. You must have moved into a lovely house and garden! I love watching poppies open up before your eyes..their crinkley petals unfolding and being the first person to enjoy their loveliness. I am a big fan of rhododendrons too..and the roses as well. Georgeous photos.

  2. Wow!! Lovely blooms. Rhododendrons are a big favourite of mine this time of the year. Enjoy!

  3. Hello Fiona! Beautiful photos and your garden must be wonderful! I love rhododendrons which we had in my childhood home!
    Your purses are really beautiful!
    Have a great crafting time!
    xxx Teje