Thursday, 5 May 2011

My Creative Space .... Progress!


Hallelujah!  I've actually got something craft-related done!  

Everyone advised me to add a lining to this little crochet bag to prevent it from stretching and I've finally managed to do this and sewn the flower on the front too.  Finished!!

Just got to pack it up and pop it in the post!

Yes - you're right; this means the house is more or less organised post-move, although it has to be said that the office / craft area is the least sorted out room in the house.

However, the table is now clear and I have set the sewing machine up!  

Just waiting for some shelving and a new desk to arrive and all that mess piled up in the background will disappear as if by magic.  At that point I should have a small desk free where I can set the sewing machine up permanently, leaving the table free for cutting. 

Sound too good to be true?  I know, I can hardly believe it!!!

Soon I'll be able to get cracking on some new projects, but I've gone back to teaching this week so I've got to fit some lesson prep in too.

For other creative spaces, take a look at Kirsty's blog.


  1. The bag looks fantastic, and I love the fabric you chose for the lining.

    I'm just writing my own creative space post, with a picture of my new craft table on it as well! It's so exciting, definitely! It looks like you're going to have a reall good space for working in - fabulous!

  2. The crocheted flower sure pops on the bag, the colours are superb. You should be very proud of the results there. I am glad you're back and your creative space there is well underway to being organised and productive!

  3. Good job on that bag! I knew I'd like it with a lining. Very nice craft room.

    Cindy Bee

  4. The bag looks awesome. And your space is looking great! I have space-envy now.

  5. Mess... what mess ? Consider it a WIP.
    Your bag has turned out really well. I really should line the one I did ages ago but it is currently languishing in the To Do pile.

  6. Love colours.. what a cute bag! The lining looks great too :)

  7. Love it! The lining looks great AND it stops keys getting caught up in the crochet work.

    I am also loving your work space, I will have to show you mine, after working for a year on the dining room table I made sure I got some proper space in the new place :-D

  8. ooo out of curiousity, do you know any cool German online sites/stores for me to explore for my Craft Nations post? I love checking out what other countries have to offer and Germany has such a long & varied craft history.


  9. Hello Fiona! That bag became so beautiful and unique! I'm happy for you to have your sewing place!
    Have a great weekend!
    xxx Teje

  10. Wow! I love the bag. the colours and the lovely lining too! Excellent choice of fabric and colours!!!

  11. hi how r u? i just wanted to inform you that your pictures are being displayed on facebook page "mocha & co" as their work here is the link to your pictures i think the person should have at least asked for your permission or should have given link to your page instead of give impression to their customers that this is their work

  12. hi, i think you should also see this link to the DMCA form to report violation/infringement of your rights

    In order to make sure they take the photos off asap, give them the URL to the original photo and then the copy on her page. Repeat this for all photos.
    Also add that since all photos are stolen, they really should take down the page.

    i don't really update my blog.... in fact i'm more active on facebook & here a link to my page