Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Creative Space ... Wristlet

It's been a good week for crafting.  We're slowly getting the house sorted and I've got a bit more time, so in addition to the frame purse that I finished at the weekend, I've been able to make my first - and definitely not last - project from Nikki's new book "You Sew Girl".

This wristlet pattern was an obvious first choice for me as I had everything I needed.  I'd been looking for a good use for this lovely crane fabric that Crafty Ady sent to me and I think it looks great made up as a bag!

A few people asked me about the book after my post last week, so here are my thoughts:

  • There is a great variety of patterns: small accessories like belts, kid's hats and of course some bag patterns.  Pattern pieces are included in an envelope at the bag of the book.  In addition there are some pattern-free skirt and top patterns and I'm itching to try some of these (but you'll notice I started out well and truly in my comfort zone with a bag!). So, something for everyone!
  • Each project gives an indication of how much sewing experience you need to tackle it.  The wristlet I made is suitable for advanced beginners and this seems about right.  And even though I have made many bags and would rate myself as intermediate, I learned a new technique for making the zip pocket.  There are projects for all levels of sewing experience.
  • I like the fact that several of the projects lead into a bigger project - so the wristlet that I made uses many of the same techniques that are required for the city shopper bag.  So you can make the mini version and make sure you're comfortable with how the bag goes together before you experiment with larger versions.  Very practical!
  • Nikki explains everything clearly and all the steps are well-illustrated.  One of the reasons I've made so many of Nikki's patterns in the last couple of years is that the quality of her instructions really helps you to make the best possible end product.  
  • Not having kids - or many kids to sew for - I doubt I'll make every project in the book (so I won't be joining Apple & Tangerine sewing her way through the entire book!); but I can see myself making all the bag patterns over time plus some skirts and tops.  I'd say that makes it very good value for money!  I have some craft books that I've bought and then couldn't find anything I actually wanted to make in them.
Now, what to make next?!!

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  1. Ooh, what a great looking book, and the wristlet is lovely. It's perfect for the fabric, and looks fabulous. Can't wait to see what else you make from the book!

  2. Fiona, that's my current project- am nearly finished (up to the strap)- but (terrible confession indicates state of house)- I can't find it! I took it to Melbs last week to show a friend (and forgot), I have come home and unpacked and I have not seen it since. Very frustrating. Yours looks great. I too have bought books and then thought 'why' (no projects I love) and also bought books and thought 'how' (dodgy instructions!). I am looking forward to seeing what you make next.

  3. when I have finished a few deadlines I am going to work my way through that book. Nikki is amazing.

  4. Gosh... I feel all famous or amazing or something.....(blushes).

    Your wristlet looks great. Now, onto the Shopper...?

  5. Very well done! That's a lovely wristlet. The crane fabric looks smashing!

  6. Your wristlet is so cute. I love the shape of it and the fabric. I need to check that book out right now. :)

  7. I do appreciate all that time you've spent telling me and others about this book. I have just entered two giveaways for this book..they are offering 3 copies maybe I have a chance!! I really do hope I win one. This purse is lovely too..the fabric is just right for it.

  8. Thank you so much Fiona!
    Your wristlet is lovely! I am soo jealous of your sewing skills :)
    Have a super week end!

  9. You've done a beautiful job! That fabric is gorgeous.
    I stopped over from Crafty Ady's..glad I did..your blog looks great!

  10. Love the bag and that material is just gorgeous! :D

  11. Love, love, love this, Fiona!!!.... the shape, style and that gorgeous fabric. Combine your bags and your blog background and it's easy to see orange is a favourite...