Thursday, 16 June 2011

My Creative Space: Scrap Busting

Some lavender bags made almost entirely of scraps.  I just had to buy the braid and some lavender!

The front three are my favourites - the two at the back aren't the best fabric combos and also didn't go together as well.

These are unbelievably cute - even my husband said so - and quite quick to make!  Pattern is of course from here!

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Monday, 13 June 2011

A Quick Transformation


The really, really ugly corner in the guest room downstairs.  An un-used door and a hanging rail (because the wardrobe was too high to go in that room!).  


Transformed with a few metres of fabric and a helpful assistant to put up the curtain rail!!

OK - so not the most inspiring of sewing projects, but quite satisfying to get that room finished a whole 3 days before the deadline (probably a record for me - even the bed is made!).  

I also realised that I have just enough curtain rail left over to put a curtain up across the hidey-hole at the bottom of the stair well - so if I get my act together (albeit this involves going to Ikea for some more ceiling fixings for the rail) there may be another curtain appearing soonish!  After all, the vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner aren't exactly works of art!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

iPad Sleeve

To complement my new laptop bag, I made up a quick sleeve for my iPad yesterday. The binding caused fewer problems simply because I decided from the outset to hand stitch it!!

Next job is to whip up some curtains for my guest room if I can find my curtain tape!!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

My New Laptop Bag

Excuse the quality of the photos ... I'm at the highest ISO setting possible on my camera (6400!!!), so they're a little grainy (OK - a lot!), but this has been a real labour of love and, despite the black skies and rumbling thunder, I wanted to take some photos to share with you!!  

Love those 20mm bag feet - thanks Ady for helping me out there with my stock issue!!

Meet my new laptop bag!  I struggled with this one .... there were very nearly tears over the bias binding.  It was stitched, unpicked, stitched and unpicked again and again until I decided to start over and hand stitch it.

And my sewing machine wasn't too happy with all those layers of very heavy fabric and wadding .. and it let me know about it.  Just thinking I should have pressed this again before taking a photo - oh well!  

The lining is from a gorgeous Kokka fabric and includes a pleated pocket with flap plus a compartment pocket.

My laptop fits in it really nicely plus some lesson plans and stuff - so it's ready to go to work with me tomorrow.  

But I will be making a laptop sleeve from the same pattern (Nicole Mallalieu's, of course) and that lovely black & white fabric for my iPad.  The black plastic thing that I inherited with the iPad (from my husband) really isn't doing much for me!  
The thing is - that means more bias binding - arghhhh!!!

Anyway, do you like it?

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Work In Progress

This one is taking me a while - I started cutting it out at the beginning of last week, but work, a sick dog and life in general seem to be conspiring to keep me out of my sewing room.

This is a little project for me - probably another reason why it's taking me so long - no deadlines!!  The plan was to knock it out quickly last week and move swiftly onto something else.  Just wondering if I have enough of the black and white fabric to make a skirt too?  Yeah - like I'll ever get round to that!!

I love my new sewing area.  I have a huge cutting table where I can leave everything laid out, opposite this is an old desk with my sewing machine set up permanently and the ironing board can be set up so that I can move easily between the three.  Makes for really good workflow (when I'm actually in there working, that is!).

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