Monday, 13 June 2011

A Quick Transformation


The really, really ugly corner in the guest room downstairs.  An un-used door and a hanging rail (because the wardrobe was too high to go in that room!).  


Transformed with a few metres of fabric and a helpful assistant to put up the curtain rail!!

OK - so not the most inspiring of sewing projects, but quite satisfying to get that room finished a whole 3 days before the deadline (probably a record for me - even the bed is made!).  

I also realised that I have just enough curtain rail left over to put a curtain up across the hidey-hole at the bottom of the stair well - so if I get my act together (albeit this involves going to Ikea for some more ceiling fixings for the rail) there may be another curtain appearing soonish!  After all, the vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner aren't exactly works of art!


  1. Hi Fiona..I like your idea for a quickly made wardrobe..and not too much to quietly disassemble when leaving a place either! Great to be able to change the curtain if you want a new look too.

  2. If that's not an inspiring sewing project, I don't know what is! Maybe I've lived a sheltered life but I haven't seen that idea before. Clever you.

    I've always liked that Ikea fabric, in all the different colourways.