Sunday, 10 July 2011

Another Quick Present

I haven't got much time for crafting at the moment with house guests until August, however I am doing some knitting whenever I can fit it in and I made this little gadget pouch with a flex frame as a quick birthday present for a friend the other day.

I've made a gadget pouch before for my iPhone making it up as I went along!  This time I used a tutorial from Ady's blog to see how it differed from my less than perfect first attempt!  Overall it's a much sturdier pouch than my previous effort and I'll probably make others in the same way in the future.  Thanks Ady!


  1. Lovely pouch - very nice fabric combo! Red, black and white is always a winning combination. Glad you found the tute useful. I find the flex frame very good for gadget pouches (esp phones) as you can access them quicker.

  2. Nicely done! I use the flex frames for coin purses, iPod pouches and sunglasses' cases. Fantastic little gizmo!

  3. That looks great Fiona, I love the splash of red (very eye catching). Your freinds must love all of your wonderful gifts!


  4. I could do with one of them for my phone since all the shop ones are a bit boring. Maybe a tutorial I shoul look up.

  5. Hello Fiona,
    Thank you for visiting!
    For a good size blanket you have to count 10 balls of 100g of yarn...that makes a blanket of 1kg which makes a good but not too too big blanket (not a bed cover kind of blanket) ... if you want to order online count 2 never know...its better ... so 12 balls of 100g will be more than perfect I think :)
    Have a great day!