Sunday, 17 July 2011

Postcard from Bad Homburg

Some photos from Bad Homburg's Altstadt (old town)

I love roof tops!

Part of the town's fortifications, this tower was also used to house suspected witches.

The entrance to the castle

The top courtyard of the castle.

Bad Homburg is a spa town.  The Elisabethenbrunnen is one of many springs in the town.  The water is supposed to be very good for people with liver and gall bladder complaints.... it really doesn't smell very good though!

Another spring - the Auguste-Victoria-Brunnen.

The Russian Orthodox church on the edge of the Kurpark.

The first of two Thai temples in the Kurpark.  One of the Thai emperors came to Bad Homburg in the early 1900's presumably to drink the water and gifted the town with these rather beautiful and ever so slightly incongruous temples!

This is my favourite of the two.

Having walked round for a very long time we gave up on finding the casino or the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Bad!  The Kurpark is very large - maybe another day!


  1. I love rooftops too, when they aren't just shingles! I love architecture too, and it looks like there was a lot of it on this trip. So nice of you to share so many pics.

    I just got a new Iphone...I reckon I might have to make one of those cases!


  2. I think picturesque is a safe description! ;D

  3. Hi, heard about your blog through Claire and I have been browsing your old posts, great blog! I love all the stuff you are making and the laptop bag and the iPad pouch are just fab! Also these are some very nice photos of Bad Homburg which we don't get to visit as much as we should!

  4. A beautiful place, full of interesting buildings and georgeous parkland. I would hate to be shut up in that witches tower though..just horrible!

  5. Lovely, Fiona! Can't wait until we get there for a visit... so make sure you stay in town for a while! Sara x

  6. Hi Fiona! Beautiful photos - thank you for taking us with you to this lovely trip!
    xxx Teje

  7. I love our little tours through Germany...where are we going next? ooo Can we stop by some cake shops too!!


  8. What fab photos Fiona. Looks like a lovely place to visit with so many amazing styles.
    Fiona x

  9. So beautiful. Love the photos, Fiona. Elisabethenbrunnen is just gorgeous.