Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Getting Back to Normal

So the sleepy-headed teenager went home at the weekend and Andy managed to persuade my sewing machine that it really does want to sew normal stitches again.  All the fancy stitches that my machine can do seem to be a little bit dicey now, so I'm going to stick to the basics - straight stitch, zig zag and buttonholes. Frankly this is no big hardship and I really, really didn't want to have to get used to a new machine.

I quickly sewed up the skirt that I had already and waiting to go whilst the teenager played violent computer games in the background!!  Photos will follow at some point soon.  And the jersey top that I made that started all the sewing machine problems will also make an appearance when I get round to the photos.

In the meantime I'm lining up some more projects. A little bag above from a book I've had on the shelf for a while and never before used in a terracotta upholstery fabric (it's taken a lot of steam to get the interfacing to stick to that one!).  I'm still debating which lining fabric to use, but I'm leaning towards the polka dots even though I know it's a slippy, horrid fabric to work with!

And I've got a production line going for iPhone cases ... they're proving very popular gifts!


  1. Hi Fiona! The fabrics for your iPhone cases look fabulous! Looking forward to seeing the end product!

  2. That's a great gift. My poor sewing machine is very neglected at the moment, have lent it to my mum tonight so at least it will get a bit of a workout!

  3. Hi Fiona, I really like your iPod cases...i guess they are popular gifts with adults and teens alike. About the sewing machine...i always stick to the basics, i would like to sew jersey but can't get to courage to do it in case it all goes wrong plus I need to change the needle to ball point...

  4. Hi Fiona..I would be honoured to make you something! Please just email me at some point and send me your address so I know where to send it. Your new bag looks great..I love a nice silky lining..even though it is hard to put in.