Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sewing Machine Woes

I believe this is my 100th post on this blog, but somehow I don't feel like celebrating!

Sewing time has been limited of late what with a jumper that I need to finish knitting (I'm still deliberating whether to unravel about 15 rows to rectify a mistake in the lace pattern that I've just discovered or to leave it as proof that it really is handmade!) and - shock horror - a teenager in the house (the 15-year-old son of my former pen friend, here to improve his English).

Last week I was experimenting with jersey and had a few problems getting my 25-year-old machine (everything I write is making me feel old today!) to change into straight stretch stitch.  But it did it in the end with a bit of help from my engineer husband.

Now I have a great skirt pattern cut out and ready to go, the teenager is still in bed and probably will be for a few more hours and all my lessons for the next week are prepped - time to sneak in a bit of sewing!!! Hooray!!

Or not.

The machine just refuses to sew anything like a normal stitch.  In fact it seems to be stuck in stretch stitch mode (when it doesn't want to just go backwards that is).


If Andy can't work some magic this weekend and persuade my sewing machine that it really does like sewing in a straight line and (preferably) forwards, then I'll be researching sewing machine repairers ... or new machines.  I'm having trouble enough finding a sewing machine shop round here (I wanted to look at overlockers), let alone someone to repair a very old, obsolete machine (Riccar went out of business more than a decade ago, I think)

And there ends my tale of woe for the moment!

Now, seriously, any suggestions on how to crowbar a teenager out of bed before midday - or should I give that one up as a lost cause too?!!


  1. Hi Fiona..both having a sewing machine not doing what you want and having a teenager who won't cooperate are very frustrating...but I have no answers to your dilemnas! I hope you find a repairer soon..and that your son decides he likes to go to bed earlier and find a purpose in getting up in the mornings..not!

  2. P.s...congratulations by the way..on your 100th post!

  3. That's so frustrating, when you're all ready to go and the equipment lets you down :S A new sewing machine sounds exciting, but if you like your old one, it's annoying as well. Hope Andy can fix it for you!

    Oh, and I think it's almost certainly a lost cause! Good luck...

  4. Oh dear. I'd be spitting chips.... especially with such a lovely a skirt in limbo. ;)

  5. Congratulations Fiona! Sorry but can't help you either with the sewing machine nor the teenager! Sound horror to me, too. Perhaps better to admit that in that age life is like that. I hope you get your machine fixed or find a wonderful shop for sewing machines and fabrics etc! We have here only Singer (I hate that shop - no one knows anything there because they just sell all the products of Singer). I have broke 3 needles today and I just need to go there tomorrow.
    xxx Teje

  6. Well... you could be 100 years old with a 15 year old sewing machine and a 25 year old in bed.
    On the plus side you do have a husband who managed to put your machine back together after tinkering with it. (think washing machine and a couple of bits left over after Martin tried to 'fix' it) Teenagers in general live in a different time zone to normal people. The threat of a bucket of cold water used to work on mine until they realised I wouldn't do it. Could have been messy and I would have the one dealing with the mess. Just count down the days till he goes home... or send the dog in. Slobbering dogs are quite effective.
    Fiona x

  7. Speaking as one who has survived a male teenager and come out the other side... don't! As in, don't crowbar him out of bed! Medical science tells us that male teenage brains struggle because they're growing fast but are constricted by a slower-growing skull, resulting in tiredness and a weird inability to put things away/walk from one side of a room to the other side without damaging something/attend to personal hygiene. Now doesn't having a few hours of peace and quiet sound great? My experience is that getting them out of bed early results in stubbed toes, swearing, general grumpiness and a complete failure to engage brain... whereas they're almost human if you let them sleep until they've had enough!

  8. Hey Fiona, It's probably too late and the teenager is gone now, but if not, let him sleep and enjoy the time to yourself. I wonder why it bugs us so that they sleep late. It used to bug me too, when my husband's boys would spend all morning in bed but then I thought - wth - just enjoy my quiet time. As for the sewing machine, mine won't go in reverse, and I have a serger that is in the original box. I don't know how to use it. I need lessons.

    Cindy Bee