Friday, 16 September 2011

My Creative Space ... One Finished Jumper!!

Knitted, sewn up and blocked!  Done!

The pattern is D'Azur by Sarah Hatton.  I started it once back in 2009, gave up and used the yarn for something else .... but I liked the design and, when the only yarn I could find that I half-way liked once we moved here just happened to be the right gauge for this pattern, I decided to give it another go.  It hasn't been plain sailing and I doubt I'll ever make the pattern again although I quite like the end product (albeit it would look better in one solid colour!).

The sewing machine is still at the repairers, but I might be able to collect it this weekend, so the huge stack of sewing projects is still on hold.  I've got my marudai set up for some braiding and a new crochet project to tackle while I wait.


  1. Hello Fiona, nice to see you! Your new blouse is beautiful and I think this yarn is perfect! I love blue and especially like that with different tones! I hope you get your sewing machine soo back!
    xxx Teje

  2. Oh I like a lot Fiona! The graduated colours and 'wave' like pattern is very effective. Fab :)

  3. That's gorgeous, and I love the variegated colour!

  4. I'm with Cam. Go the variegated blues!!!! Fingers crossed for you and your sewing machine. It must be a bit like temporarily losing a limb....

  5. That's a gorgeous jumper - I love the colours in the yarn!

  6. Jumper? We call that a sweater! Good thing you gave me language lessons so I knew what you were talking about. It is gorgeous! You are quite the knitter.

    Cindy Bee

  7. This gorgeous top looks beautiful in the variegated added interest to the denim of your jeans..just lovely!

  8. hallo liebe Fiona,
    herzlichen Dank für Deinen Besuch im Drosselgarten und Deinen netten Kommentar zum Pulli, ich freu' mich sehr!

    gerne gebe ich das Kompliment zurück, denn Dein Top sieht wundervoll aus und steht Dir sehr gut!

    einen schönen Sonntag Abend wünscht Dir Traudi