Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Creative Space ... Patchwork Cushion




I haven't done any patchwork since home economics classes at school a very long time ago!!  I think I made a cushion then too - 6 very large squares cobbled together into a rectangle.  

Not too bad for my first attempt at patchwork in 30+ years!!!   I'll add some buttonholes too if I can find any snazzy hot pink buttons!!  I'm sure the recipient would like that.

The sewing machine is back from being repaired and seems as good as new.  Luckily no spare parts were required (in which case I'd have had to have lived with the fact that my machine only sewed straight or zig zag lines for the rest of its life, as you can't get Riccar parts anymore!) and it seems it just got well and truly shaken up somewhere en route from Canada.  I can now do machine embroidery if I ever feel the urge to ... not that it has so far, but it's nice to know that I could do it, if I wanted!!

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  1. Looks great, I'm sure that if I tried patchwork, the corners wouldn't all match up as neatly!!! Love the fabrics that you chose.

  2. it came out so nicely! good job!

  3. That looks lovely. The pink really makes the pattern pop!

  4. Hi Fiona! Your pillow became a beauty! Love the colours and squares!
    I'm happy to hear your sewing machine is fine now!
    xxx Teje

  5. Well Fiona, you have been busy. As ever your work is so much better than you seem to give yourself credit for. I do like you knitted top. I also made a patchwork cushion at school but the squares never quite lined up properly and the whole thing was slightly overstuffed. Never did find out what happened to it though I suspect it got chucked out when I left home. I wonder why my parents didn't treasure it ??
    Fiona x

  6. Beautiful pillow Fiona and great job on the patchwork. So glad your sewing machine is back into working order as well. I don't do much else with mine except straight sewing and now and then a zig zag or two. It won't even go into reverse anymore. I'm thinking of getting a new one...after we move.

    Cindy Bee

  7. it looks lovely - gorgeous colours! and your squares all look very well matched up!

  8. Patchwork is lovely - I have a bit of a thing for it! Love your cushion!

  9. What a beautiful patchwork cushion! I love cushions or any type and size…one can never have to many cushions :-) I have three waiting to be finished…since last Christmas.

  10. Hi Fiona, that was very awesome! You've inspired me for that, you've just done a great job! I like the choice of colors, the patches look stunningly impressive, right, the squares were perfectly matched up!

  11. Love the fabrics, Fiona. They combine to make a stunning cushion! Glad you have your machine back. I'd be like a bear with a sore tooth if I was without mine for long. Then again, it might force me to do more hand stitching or perhaps even to rediscover knitting and crocheting.