Friday, 9 September 2011

My Creative Space ... Still in Progress!

You may remember that way back in July I started knitting a summer top.  I wasn't 100% in love with the yarn and I think I can say I'm less than thrilled with the pattern.  This jumper has been knitted and unravelled more times than I can count - it's definitely been a case of three steps forward and two back.

Of course, every time I had to unravel a section the whole project got parked in a cupboard for a week or two while I decided whether to give the project up completely which is probably why it's taking so long!  However this week I've made a concerted effort to make some progress (full disclosure: the sewing hasn't been going well and I felt it was time for a change!) and amazingly the back and front of the jumper are now complete.

Just got the sleeves to finish, sew it all up (I hate that part) and the neckline to finish off.  Sounds easy, right?  Wonder if I'll finish it this month?  Either way - autumn is here and it's a bit cool now for a short sleeved, lacy knit.  Oh well!!

On the sewing front I have another project parked by the sewing machine that isn't going well at all ... and I joined a patchwork / quilting group, so I might at least fulfil one of my resolutions for this year.  But all sewing is on hold for a while as tomorrow the sewing machine is going in for some repairs (or to see if repair is possible at least!).

I've also been making the Christmas list - deciding how many presents (and what) I can realistically make before Christmas.  Last year was a completely handmade Christmas, but I don't think that's achievable this year, not least because I haven't started yet!!  Help!

To see what everyone else is making, head over to our creative spaces.


  1. Hat's for everybody... Well that's what I did last Christmas.
    I admire your determination with your jumper. My longest running project was the aran cardigan which was finally dumped and ended up as a Bunny.
    Fiona x

  2. Hi Fiona..great colour! I hope you get it all together 'cos I think it will be a wonderful summer top for next year. The skirt is a very nice pattern too.

  3. As a non-knitter that sounds like a challenge indeed! I'm sure it will be worth it in the end.
    Thanks for your comment at mine too. x

  4. Hi Fiona, I can’t wait to see your finished jumper, the colour is very nice actually...I plan to go to the shops soon to get some yarn and make something for my little girl, but I just discovered a couple of felted 100% merino wool jumpers so I might try cutting those first. I love knitting in the winter and I actually find it slimming – what I mean is that with my hands occupied I am not nibbling all the time :-)
    Wow, you joined a quilting group…is it in the Taunus or in Frankfurt? Is it is English? Do you know of a knitting group? (Sorry for all the questions).
    Oh, not nice that your machine is not performing. You probably know but very often shops like Aldi or Liddl have sewing machines. I hope yours gets fixed if not I can recommend a good UK website, where I got mine – it’s a Brother – and it was on a very good offer, including a quilting foot, walking foot ( very usefull for quilting), ruffller foot and a whole load of treads and other bits and bobs ( having said that I think they only deliver in the UK).
    I’ve never heard about “ our creative spaces” – what is it, is it similar to a linky party? I will have a good look when I get a second.
    Have a nice week, Irina

  5. Stunning work, and I love the colour! for the weird project misfires, I am blaming it on 2011-itis. I seem to have suffered from it since Febuary.


  6. I can't wait to see what you decide to make everyone for Christmas. I had to stop giving scarves, everyone had too many {sigh} I think handmade gifts are great though.

    Cindy Bee