Sunday, 4 September 2011


I made gluten-free ginger bread this weekend - delicious slathered with butter!  Good job I snapped the photo when the first slice was cut, as it didn't last long!  It's paler than a normal ginger bread because you can't buy treacle in the shops here (but I've now ordered some online) ... so I subbed maple syrup and it works very well.

And I've been making some other stuff recently.... bacon jam, anyone?  I'd post a photo but it really doesn't look like much, however it is fantastic with eggs and cheese and I'll be trying it as a pizza topping very soon.  The recipe is available over at Foodie with Family's blog. It is really, really, really tasty and worth the 3-4 hours cooking time!  Highly recommended!


  1. This bread looks so yummy Fiona, I can just imagine it still warm with some butter, mmm…That bacon jam sounds quite interesting, I don’t eat red meat but honestly am rather curious…I guess it is the ultimate breakfast treat for meat lovers :-)

  2. That bread looks awesome! I think I can even smell it's yumminess!

  3. Looking at this reminds me of my mum's recipe for gingerbread..I haven't made it for ages and ages..I can see I'll have to pretty soon!

  4. What's treacle? Never heard of it in my life, and I do bake.

    Cindy Bee