Friday, 14 October 2011

My Creative Space

Lots going on round here, but some of it is secret squirrel stuff ... what with Christmas just round the corner (eek!).  There's the blanket that I've just finished crocheting that you can't see till after Christmas and the next project on the hook that I'm going to really enjoy working on that I also can't tell you about!  I can tell you that blankets don't satisfy my need to create something quickly and I nearly went mad the last few evenings trying to get it finished so that I could move onto the next project.

That really doesn't augur well for my quilting project!!  I've joined a local quilting group and we're working on a big quilt that will be raffled for charity whenever we finish it ... at the rate we eat biscuits and drink coffee during the quilting meetings, that'll be a few years off (at least).  I've been to two meetings so far and haven't picked up needle and thread yet except to show another new member how to do slip stitch!

Yep - these hexagons are going to be hand-pieced!  Am I right to be worried that whoever cut out and basted the hexagons obviously didn't start by ironing the fabric?  So glad I wasn't around for that stage though!!  We have hundreds of prepared hexagons and we'll be piecing 16 together at a time to form diamonds in different colours and then joining those together to make the quilt top.  I was given the pink hexagons to make my first diamond .... it remains to be seen how long that takes me and whether I can stand all that hand stitching!

On a completely different note, this gorgeous yarn arrived last week ... baby alpaca and mulberry silk....


Love it!!

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  1. Hi Fiona..the hexies are pretty but the yarn is stunning! I am sure you'll find an ideal project for it. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  2. Of course YOU could iron them! Hmm, hand-quilting has always been one of those things that in theory I'd like to do (i.e. I'd like to reflect lovingly on the making of the gorgeous quilt causally adorning a bed/sofa/etc), but can't bring myself to do... The patience required! The hours! The thousands of tiny stitches! Nope - I think I'll just get vicarious pleasure from watching you do it!

  3. Your yarn looks amazing .... baby alpaca and silk ... I bet that is gorgeously soft. The thought of hand-quilting drives me under the covers of my duvet! I haven't the patience for that. I'm all about the quick and dirty tactics!