Thursday, 27 October 2011

My Creative Space

Christmas present making is vaguely under control ... 

  • 3 completed (1 posted!!) 
  • 1 underway 
  • 1 planned and waiting for me to find time to get started!  

I should just about get everything done in time.  And this year it won't be a completely handmade Christmas unlike the last two years (that's what being back at work does for you!) ... I'm easing the pressure by buying for a few people on my list instead.

So I'm playing about with some decorations.  I made a few last-minute crochet snowflakes last year, but this year I wanted to try some different patterns.  More to follow as I'm not really in love with the one above, although it does still need to be blocked and starched.

I'm not playing about too much because this yarn arrived in the post this week direct from The Natural Dye Studio in Suffolk.  This is their "Angel' DK - a lovely blend of alpaca, cashmere and silk - it's so incredibly soft.  I discovered them via Pinterest ... I possibly spend a bit too much time on there, but it has been a useful source of ideas!

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  1. How do you go about starching your crochet pieces? Because I've heard to use a mix of half glue and half water, and I've also heard of using corn starch, and someone even mentioned sugar. I just want to be sure to do it right. I do like that pattern. It looks more intricate than the one I'm using.

    That yarn looks luscious!

    Cindy Bee

  2. I think your little xmas decoration looks really cute :) I love making handmade presents for xmas... it's so much nicer hey :)

  3. Hi Fiona..Your new yarn even looks soft, it's a wonderfully subtle blend of colour too.

  4. You have just given the lazy in me a swift kick up the derrière... hexagons, quilt blocks and crochet, so much goodness to be had!