Monday, 17 October 2011

A Quick Makeover

My new ironing board cover!

I've been thinking about making an ironing board cover for quite some time (probably about the last 2 years!).  I can't buy a cover large enough anywhere and the brown stains on the old cover (at least 10 years old) were getting on my nerves.  So today I finally decided to make one - how hard could it be?

It was actually ridiculously easy and took about an hour to make.  I've had 2 yards of this brown cotton from JoAnn's in my stash for a couple of years and I've long forgotten what I was going to make with it originally. Perfect fit for the ironing board!  I salvaged the cord, toggle and velcro fastenings from the old cover, used it for a template and ran up the new cover.  I was lazy - I overlocked the raw edges and then turned them over once with the cord inside to make a channel (no need to fiddle around with a bodkin feeding the cord through the channel), sewed round attached the velcro and voila!  

Fits way better than the old one did and hopefully any brown stains won't be so noticeable on this brown fabric!!

Yesterday I turned my pile of 16 hexagons into this:

Not bad for a first attempt at hand-piecing, I think.  It took all afternoon and I probably wouldn't do a whole diamond in one go again (it got a bit tedious) but I wanted to see how it all went together.  

I think I'm going to have a crafty week.  Andy left on business early yesterday and won't be home till the weekend plus I have very few classes because many of my students are on holiday.  I've got lots of ideas ... another skirt (this time with overlocked seams!), some crochet projects and maybe some Christmas decorations!!!  

What have you got planned?


  1. Good grief Fiona, you've been busy. I only went away for a couple of days and you've been quilting crocheting, planning and making ironing board covers. Maybe I should go away more often.

  2. That's exactly what I need! My ironing board cover is absolutely gross.

  3. Good choice of fabric for the ironing board. My cover badly needs replacing, but it's so far down my list, I haven't even written it down... LOL

  4. Even though my ironing board is relatively new and the cover is so thin that I think it could do with replacing. I have am sure they equip them with inadequate thin ones just to cut costs..but they are very impractical. I'd prefer it came with one decent one instead of two inferior thin ones! By the way..your new one looks very smart.

  5. Well I think making your own ironing board cover is a great idea. You can use a fabric you like to make a dull job more cheery.

    Sorry about your dog. Isn't he an older dog? I hope he is ok. Poor thing. And yes it seems they always pick the nicest spots to do the darndest things.

    I love all of your Italy pics. I really think I need to go, especially after seeing how beautiful it is.

    Cindy Bee

  6. Oooo - very nice ironing board cover. Mine is beyond hideous. I really ought to do what you've done. The hand-piecing looks good! I'm trying to get the last two hats loomed for my 10-hat run!