Friday, 4 November 2011

A little bit late ...

I'm a little bit late to the party this week - that's happening over at Our Creative Spaces and I should have posted this there yesterday, but then there would have been nothing to show as I've been beavering away on all those secret Christmas projects!

My Friday student had cancelled his lesson and we can survive with the groceries we have in, so I told Andy to take the car into work today, forcing me to stay at home and do all those little projects that have been lying around for a while.

I've printed the photos of Venice to go on the wall - I have a few picture frames from Ikea hanging in the office / craft area and every year or so I like a change of scene, so New Zealand and the Lake District have given way to 2 photos from our recent trip to Venice!

And I finished these gadget pouches which, I'm ashamed to say, I cut out way back in .... August!!  They've moved up my priority list ahead of Christmas presents as Andy's due to take them to some friends in Brazil at the end of this month (Carol / Renata ... these are for you!).

I've even got the next secret project cut out and ready to go - hopefully that won't be hanging round on my cutting board for quite so long!!  But I can't tell you about it ... shhh!


  1. These look great. Love the dogs and bunny fabrics, they would be ideal for my animal-loving daughter-in-law. What size frames did you use?

  2. So do you print off 8x10 pics from your computer and frame them? I have wanted to get rid of the prints I have in our home, and have finally gotten rid of most of them, and use vacation pictures to decorate with. I love that idea. And those pics of Venice...who wouldn't want to look at them every day!

    Those gadget pouches are nice and reminded me, I need to go to AT&T for my I-phone gadget!

    Chat with ya later,
    Cindy Bee

  3. Gorgeous! Don't you just love the grey IKEA fabric? It's my all-time favorite!!!

  4. Yum - I do love that chrysanthemum on the grey...

  5. These are great fabric choices..I absolutely can't decide which one I like best this time!

  6. Hi Fiona! Those pouches are really beautiful and so great fabrics! xxx Teje

  7. Lovely pouches - I esp love your fabric choices.