Monday, 28 November 2011

This and That

Finishing up a few things .... I made my strips of orange fabric into another zip purse.  I know, I know ... but they're very easy to make and make perfect little gifts (this one may be for me though!).

And another little crochet project .... thanks to Laura for pointing me at this Doris Chan pattern (edit: little Christmas stocking decorations to hang on a tree filled with sweeties!).  Very cute and easy to whip up!

I also made a quick lavender bag using off cuts from last week's project and finishing up my dried lavender.  Pattern from You Sew Girl!

And then there's this bag that's been cut out waiting for me to get some sewing time since last week ... my excuse is that I have visitors arriving next week and have a few jobs still to tick off the list before I can start sewing!  Or maybe I'll just blame the fog for my lack of focus!

But mysteriously I've found time to start yet another crochet project ....

Doesn't look much right now but when it has been blocked, it will ... promise! 

Hmmm .... must get my priorities straight!!!


  1. Love the orange strippy bag! And I'm amazed at your crochet skills. I only use patterns labeled "easy/beginner" so far... so much to learn...

  2. Love the purse and utterly adore the lavender sachet!! What's the Doris Chan crochet project? Are they potholders?

  3. Ignore my question in the last comment! I know what they are!!

  4. Particularly love the orange pouch. Have to admit I don't know what the Doris Chan things are.....

  5. Hi Fiona! Your purse became so beautiful! I love those stripes! And crochet projects, wow looks exiting!
    xxx Teje

  6. Love the combination of oranges in the zippered purse and the Lavender Bag is just adorable.