Friday, 6 January 2012

The Kiss Purse

Love, love, love this one!!

This is the Kiss Purse pattern from You Sew, Girl (formerly Nicole Mallalieu Designs) and is my first finished project in 2012!  I've had this pattern for about 18 months and the first attempt at it was a complete disaster ... one of those rare ones that ended up in the bin! Such a shame as it was some of my favourite fabric and I was really very annoyed with myself.

I was going through my pattern box before Christmas having a clear out and came across the pattern again.  I thought it was about time to have another go ... but maybe not with a favourite fabric this time!  I had everything I needed in my stash except for the extra firm stiffeners for the base and to maintain the curve of the purse... struggled a little bit with those till I found an online store selling every possibly Vlieseline product going.  Managed to order S520 for the hard base and some S133 instead of peltex to hold the curve.

The fabric is a Robert Kaufman print that I got as part of a $10 off-cut bundle from one of my favourite fabric stores in Canada and the lining (not shown) is from the Amy Butler Mid-West Modern range.  Despite the fabric not being something I might have picked out, I think it works really well here (and I still have a fat quarter left to play with!!).

Not the cheapest purse to make with all the hardware and stiffeners, but it really is very cute!  I'll definitely be making some more this year! 

Pattern reviewed at Pattern Review.  


  1. Times like these I wish photos were 3d and touchable- this looks really great- it's a great shape. Good on you for finding the vleiseline shop, all those numbers confuse me!

  2. I'm so glad you perservered! No pain, no gain and all that.

    And don't believe a word that Tanya says about not understanding interfacings! I gave her a 1-on-1 session a month or so ago and she's now graduated to "interfacing geek" status.

  3. Love the retro feel of this one...

  4. That old adage about trying again certainly worked for you, this looks lovely. It is so frustrating to mess up a bag project when you have used a treasured piece of fabric, I know exactly how you felt!

  5. Oh wow!!! LOVE it!! Such a pretty shape and great fabric too. I love how snazzy it is. Well done you!

  6. Hi Fiona! That is the most sweet and cute purse! Looks also so well done! You are specialist with these beautiful bags and purses!
    x Teje

  7. It's beautiful Fiona! I think the fabric is perfect! Congrats!

  8. OK - here's my order....this purse....but bigger, like the size of the last one, but this design....with a longer strap so I can put it over my shoulder! Lordy I love this purse. I just want to know 1) do you have a special purse closet and 2) do you carry all of these? Great work.

    And holding my breath that my comments are going through. The last one did so hopefully this one will too. I tried to comment the other day and it didn't go through.

    I wanted to let you know I gave you an award. You might get some visitors from my blog, be warned.

    Cindy Bee

  9. Wow, Fiona. Wow wow wow. I'm always impressed at how professional your bags look, but I think you've outdone yourself this time! The fabric is perfect for the shape, and I'd say it was definitely worth the effort with all that interfacing.

    This book is definitely going on my wishlist!

  10. Wow awesome purse! I just love the colors!

  11. You have got to love a Nikki purse