Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Oh, Fiddlesticks and some Awards!

Sometimes things just don't go to plan ....

Like running out of the brown yarn I need to finish the handles off on this little bag.  I was using up odds and ends of yarn, so mission accomplished, but do I now buy some extra in the brown or make it look even more like a mish-mash by finishing the handles in the orange or the green (the only colours I have left)?

Or not quite paying attention to what I was doing when I sewed this folding shopping bag ....

The handles are supposed to be joined the other way (i.e from left to right not front to back).  I knew that, but was thinking about something else and only realised when I finished the binding.  Doh!  The tutorial for how to make this bag properly can be found over at Crafty Ady's blog.

Folded up the bag looks like this:

Very neat.

As is obvious from my mistake, I wasn't following the tutorial step by step.  I used it to draft my pattern and then winged it.  This bag has french side and handle seams with a bound seam at the base and magnetic snaps to fasten because I didn't have any poppers.  I bought the fabric from Liberty back when I lived in Oxfordshire well over 10 years ago.  I was probably intending on making cushion covers (I did make one in this fabric), but never used it up.  

Hopefully that's it for mistakes in the near future as I'm crocheting a sweater at the moment - my first ever Doris Chan pattern made top down and with no seams (joy, oh, joy - no sewing all the pieces together).

It seems to be award season at the moment.  No, not the Oscars, but blog awards!!  I was really touched and honoured to be given two awards recently.  Firstly the Liebster Blog award from Cindy Bee from The Bee Lady at Hilltop Farm and secondly the Versatile Blogger award from Pam at Threading My Way.  Thank you both very much.  I am still contemplating who to pass these onto and will be blogging about that soon.

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  1. You just have to laugh and chalk it up to experience when you do something like putting these handles on wrongly. The bag still looks good, and if you hadn't told us I am sure we would never have guessed! Your wool bag looks great too, maybe just one other colour if you have enough left, then it will look planned.

  2. Buying more brown yarn would be my first choice. Using up the green would be my second. It's a great bag. I definitely wouldn't call it a mish-mash.

  3. I love the crocheted bag (I'm guessing crochet, anyway) although it's not my colours. Reminds me of Missoni fabrics - very classy! Shame about the handles on the other one, but never mind. Your niece has also been learning about paying attention with her sewing!

  4. I'd buy more brown and finish it the way you like it or you won't carry it. I really like it. I like the colors and the pattern. I was even thinking that pattern would be nice looking in an afghan with some ocean-y colors. As for the shopping bag, I'd leave it. It's a shopping bag so you won't carry it all the time and you can't even tell there's a mistake. It's now called the FiAdy bag. Kind of like my LuCindy bag!

    About that award, don't feel like you HAVE to do it. I do not like only picking five people. It's hard and I never want to hurt feelings.

    Cindy Bee

  5. Congratulations Fiona! Your crochet bag is wonderful! If you don't like to get more brown, I think you could make a great finish also with the green (it's also quite dark colour). Orange will be 'popping out' more.
    It's good to hear that I'm not the only one who can't concentrate well to one thing and makes that kind of mistakes. Great bag!
    Sunny wishes from Teje

  6. Love the crochet bag and the colour combo! Where did you get the pattern I really want to make one.. Love it :)

  7. I love the crochet bag you have made, it is something I have not tried making yet :)

    Sometimes you have to laugh when you make silly mistake he he!

  8. I love your fabric and bags,this one looks roomy and easy to use ♫ I made a easy bag before , but I would like to challenge more sewing a bag also.♥

  9. I love your bags but that crochet one is gorgeous. I love the colours! The fold up one is really clever and still looks good, mistake or not!

  10. That fabric is gorgeous and totally pretty bag too :-) Just call the handles a new design feature and pretend that you are a genius.

    And the crochet bag too is beautiful

  11. Beautiful crochet bag! The pattern is great and the colors too!