Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Postcard from Nürnberg (Nuremberg)

Just back from a much-needed long weekend in Bavaria.  We visited my former pen friend and her family in München (Munich) but on the way we stopped off at Nürnberg just because we'd never been there before.

Nürnberg was the venue for Nazi party rallies between 1933 and 1938.  The design for the rally grounds was monumental - the grounds stretched over 11 square kilometres south-east of Nürnberg and included various grand buildings including the never-finished Kongresshalle pictured above.  At the back of the Kongresshalle is a fantastic museum documenting the rise of the Nazi party, lots of information about the rallies plus (of course) a section devoted to the Nuremberg trials.  It was fascinating.  I had thought we'd visit the museum quickly and be on our way, but we were there for most of the afternoon and we had it more or less to ourselves!

This meant that by the time we got to walk round the old town, the shadows were getting longer and photography was quite difficult.  But I persevered.  This is a photo of the Lorenzkirche.

Another lovely church in the market square with the market in full swing.

Beautiful half-timbered houses up by the castle (in the background) and with the old town walls on the left.

This knight standing guard in front of the castle tickled my fancy ... and I just love the dragon clinging on for dear life.  I have to say, the knight doesn't look too concerned, does he?!!

This was a beautiful view from the Museum Bridge towards Hospital Bridge.  I'm guessing that the building extending over the river was once a hospital.

And of course, we were in Bavaria, so beer is a big deal.  I liked these signs for the old brewery.

More photos from München another day.


  1. Love your photos, looks like you had some glorious spring days. Perhaps that knight knows something we don't, or else it was impossible to see and hear anything once his helmet was on :)

  2. Your photography is breathtaking - as usual. Almost like being there! You ought to do this professionally!

  3. Beautiful scenery! Just wanted to let you know I'm passing the Liebster Award on to you for your beautiful blog! Linda/lindacrochets

  4. Gorgeous buildings. Dylan and I particularly liked the dragon. Thanks for sharing. x