Saturday, 17 March 2012


It's a lovely spring day ... time to neglect that To Do list and go for a walk (in my defence I scrubbed the patio tiles yesterday and I cleaned the BBQ this morning .. a job I had forgotten to list yesterday).

It's a very pleasant 17 degrees outside with a light breeze ... perfect!

One of the local stables that we passed by ... there are many around here.

I do like this house (oops -  I should have straightened the photo up) and I would love to see the view from the top of the turret.

There's still a very autumnal feel in the woods with all the crisp, fallen leaves.  

Right ... off to clean some windows (honest!)


  1. Isn't it lovely to get out and about again after the winter? That looks like a perfect walk for an early spring day. The sun has just come out here too so, hopefully, spring is about to burst into life here too!

  2. Hi Fiona! How beautiful place! Looks just perfect for a walk or a horse ride! Thanks for reminding about the windows - I have now just right moment for that.
    Happy weekend! x Teje

  3. Your first photo is stunning, Fiona!

  4. Such beautiful photos! Reminds me so much of all the lovely UK tv shows that I watch. Oh how I'd love to move to the English countryside.