Friday, 27 April 2012

Some crochet and baking

I decided to use up some left-over yarn from a previous project by making a cushion cover.  Completely ad libbed - a granny square for the front and some granny stripes for the back.

Otherwise there hasn't been much crafting going on, but I have been busy in the kitchen in a sudden urge to try my hand once more at some gluten-free baking.  I think Andy was tempted to take cover when I declared that baking was on the itinerary as previous GF attempts haven't exactly been resounding successes (think rock solid loaves of bread that, if fired from a cannon or simply dropped on a foot, could inflict serious injury) but this time was different.  

Armed with some new recipe books (Phil Vickery's 'Seriously Good! Gluten-Free Cooking' and 'Seriously Good! Gluten-Free Baking') and a new bread maker with a gluten-free programme I've been baking up a storm: Yorkshire puds, lots of different types of bread, cakes ...   As I type there is bread baking in the bread maker and some lentil soup on the stove ... I'm looking forward to lunch today!  

I know I've had some success baking if Andy will eat the results - he doesn't need a gluten-free diet but was quite happy to scoff down the Yorkshire puds, deemed one loaf of white bread to be surprisingly good (was I sure it was gluten-free?!) and loves the fruit cake that is rapidly disappearing.  Now I've just got to crack pizza dough ....!!

Joining in today with Our Creative Spaces - why don't you take a look at what everyone else is making?

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Quilting ...?!

Last month when I hosted the quilting group we talked about doing something slightly different for the next session.  So this afternoon I talked a lot, generally bossed everyone around (Andy claims I'm quite good at that!) and these four lovely zipped bags were the result!

Not my sharpest photos maybe, but we were in the basement!! 

There is another bag half-made (we were sharing 2 sewing machines, so it was a little tricky) which I hope I'll see when it is finished, plus the one I'm making and taking photos of for the step-by-step instructions which were sadly not ready for the session (complete fail on my part!) and I need to do soon next!  

I was great to see everyone turning out their bags and saying "Hey, look what I made!"  

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Using up leftover yarn.

Playing with cables.

Starting something new.

Adding 3 blocks to the afghan:

On the left in red:  Lion's Mane by April Moreland
In the middle in orange / taupe: Schoharie Spring by Mary McKnight
On the right: traditional granny square

And a wee bit of sewing.

Crafting has resumed here over the last few weeks albeit on a reduced scale:  more classes = less craft time!

Monday, 2 April 2012


"Work sets you free"

Dachau was the only concentration camp that functioned for the full 12 years that the Nazis were in power.  It was the prototype for other camps and was originally used for political prisoners and other misfits.

Looking across the roll call area towards the reconstructed barracks.

This building houses the gas chamber and the crematorium.  
Looks so innocuous, doesn't it?

Entrance to the "showers".

Inside the gas chamber.  

Dachau wasn't technically a death camp.  There is only this one small gas chamber.  Many inmates of the camp were killed through medical experiments or were shot or hanged rather than gassed.

The crematorium adjacent to the gas chamber.

Mass grave.

"In honour of the dead and as a reminder to the living."

Mortal Agony of Christ chapel, built 1960.

During the 1960's many memorial chapels were built at the far end of the site.  In addition to the catholic one above there is a jewish memorial, an evangelical church, a Russian orthodox chapel (see picture below) and, just outside the walls of the camp, a carmelite convent.

About 4,000 Russian prisoners of war were executed in Dachau or one of its satellite camps.

A sculpture designed by a Dachau survivor depicting the never-ending horror of the camp.  This is one of several memorials in front of the main administrative building which is now the museum.

This was my second visit to Dachau.  If you ever visit Munich, Dachau is a short train ride from the city centre and is well worth a few hours of your time.  On my last visit in 2010 I took many similar photos, albeit it was such a grey day - you can read that blog post here.